Nigerian Men: The Main Reasons Why She Says “No” Each Time You Ask For Sex

girl refuse boo sexSometimes I find it hard to understand why you sit there sulking and wondering why she always finds it hard to say yes each and every time you want to tangle (you know what I mean).

Why won’t she refuse when you on inserting your sim card forget she’s human.

You know you have a bottle of Pepsi as dick, you also have a weight like that of an elephant or Efi but despite knowing this, you dance in her like she’s some rock, like she’s some cushion, like she’s some concrete wall you can pounce your weight on.

Now she will always refuse because you treat her like pounded yam. You don’t even know other sex styles that makes her enjoy sex without having to feel like an athlete doing weight lift in the Olympic.

She’s not a heavy weight champion, she’s not a Mortar of Pounded yam that you can ram with every energy in you.

Why She Always Asks You To Be Gentle

You remember she always asks you to be gentle.

What she needs is someone tender, now you know why she’s about to get a new boo, yes that gentle boy that gently handles her steering and take her to cloud 9 without her crying like a rape victim.

She also refuses to kiss you cos your teeth is not only dirty, its filled with those stuffs like butter or smells cigarette, you always hit on her after a wrap of weed, you won’t even take tom tom or drink something that would fumigates the weedful scent from your mouth.

You forget she’s someone’s pikin abi? You forget she’s not a whore but a lady in quest for some tender touch, she’s just a lovely somebori in need of your warmth and your understanding.

Don’t just sit there and laugh at this, repent. All you do is missionary, just missionary, maybe I need to teach you that There are over 45 sex styles that you can master and take yourselves to cloud 9 or even 10.

Every time, you want to find a way into her and selfishly play jangolova like she’s some machine. You forget sex is meant to be enjoyed, its meant to be enjoyed and its because those white out there still manage to have a loving boo who takes them to cloud 9 and make them enjoy sex.

If you keep thrusting your full length on her, the chances are, you’ll make her barren, you may even shift her womb and render her useless.

Its because she understands your definition of sex, that’s why she does everything necessary to avoid you spending a night in her place, she also prefers you meet in a public place and would never want to be caught in your loveless sex.

Change today, repent!
She’s sombori’s child
Don’t go and kill her
Do it jejely
Make her enjoy it

I hope you won’t come and tell me why this post is not supposed to be on facebook because i know somebody somewhere is dying in silence.

I’ve said my own sha

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend?

©MrPinner 2017



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