Never Give Her A Reason To Be Fed Up With You

I remember the day I stood very close to the mirror and to my self all I could see was a broken man, a sorry Assed Richard.

Truth is…. I never knew she’d someday find somebody better than myself.

We went through so many things, learnt and did so many things together.

At one time, she said ” I don’t think I’ll ever be able to spend my entire life without you”, I was damned happy and so was she.

Along the line, there were so many things I did, I did some out of ignorance, some out of ego and some out of stupidity or over excitement and even when I said “Baby I’m sorry”, she understands and takes me back to her wide arms.

After sometime, it became usual for me, I probably began to take her kind heart, her forgiving spirit for weakness and stupidity on her part.

Some times when she called, I busy her calls, ignored her texts, replied her WhatsApp chats, sometimes it took up to 5 days before I reply some. To me, she’s my all, I’m her safe haven and come what may, we’ll always be together, she would always forgive me and my silly acts.

I never thought there would be a day when She’ll fine solace in the arms of another.

Suddenly it struck, I guess its karma, maybe the rules of nature or the golden was beginning to play a smart one with me.

Calls, she won’t pick, texts, she won’t even reply, WhatsApp nko? She won’t bother read them.

Then at a later time, a text came in, for the times I needed you so much, you weren’t always there, the times I needed to hear your voice, you were always too busy, for the times I forgave you and gave you a second chance, you probably made it a legal right, but today, I’ve decided to take a walk.

My brother, I was pained, it pained me, I was wondering wetin have I done again. My mama talk, for where?
My brother call, she nor pick, my sister text her, even invited her over, she came around but never heeded to her advice.

This na my only boo ooo.

Then I realized it was truly true…
When a woman is fed up, there is definitely nothing you can do about it.

She may forgive you a hundred (100) times but never let that one unforgiving moment present itself cos when it does, you’ll never be able to win her back.

Call her gullible and stupid, but she’s just her meek and gentle self, the quality not so common with most ladies.

Always be there when she needs you and never be too far from her the times she needs your presence.

If you continue being absent, you’ll someday make her stronger than she was with you. At this time, even a loud speaker blasting your voice will not be enough for her to make her remember your tone.

Don’t let her reach that fed up stage.

Don’t forget, there are many women out there, but there is just on woman, one lady or girl that’s just enough to make you the happiest man ever.

I hope you had a nice Monday?

I’m still enjoying myself over here….

©MrPinner 2017



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