What Really Is the Pathway To Success

What Really Is the Pathway To Success?

I’ve really had a series of thoughts about this life and the word “Prosperity” and after these thoughts, I have come to a conclusion that there is no known Path to prosperity or what you’ll call “Success”.

Take a look at the records, the most successful people alive today are people who never gave a fuck about what the people, parents, friends recommended as the pathway to success.

Look at the world today, no body wants to be scammed, no body wants to be Lied to but may I point it to you that the most successful people in my country Nigeria today are those who walked the podium or took the centre stage and blew a good number of lies?

Now look at the youths, a good number of car owners we have today are those that kept pressing their PCs till one Whity fell victim and invested when she’s not supposed to.

Now when you take a look at Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates what do you see?

I see a boring world, a world where there would be no Facebook to help me post this for you to read for free, a world where PCs would be so expensive especially as their Operating systems, softwares would be made by humans with mindsets far different from Gate’s.

Truth remains that the pathway to success, prosperity is unknown to anyone. We just keep trying, its a gamble we all play with the hope that we will be successful someday.

Education they said is the way, but that only buys you knowledge and a few skills, we still have a good number of graduates out there with good grades but unhappy with the way things turned out.

Success has varying meaning to different people, while others tag themselves successful at the sight of their new car, other tag themselves successful when they build a house, and to someone else, success is only when a business is booming, with a good amount of profit.

At other point, you’ll discover that an armed robber tags himself successful if his robbery mission pulls off and he’s alive and safe.

So you see?

There is no known path to success, there is no definition too.

Do not be surprised that the path to your success may be that small something you do seldomly, something you never put your trust in but keeps doing anyways.

Do not be surprised if I say the path to your success may not be what everybody expects it would be.

If the pathway to success was education, then I stand to correct you today that it is not.

If you feel the pathway to success is being wealthy, then I also stand to say there are several wealthy men out there who still feel unsuccessful.

Lastly before I drop my keypad, I’ll like to state here that if there was a pathway to success and prosperity, so many wouldn’t be poor today because they would have gotten there to claim it already.

Keep doing what you believe, if its the pathway to your success, you’ll definitely feel it and if its not, you’ll feel it too.

Don’t give up, keep trying, keep pushing, with time, you’ll see the signs and feel the presence of prosperity.

If your aim is to find the pathway to success, then I’ll only ask you to continue Searching but doing what you know how to do best

Love you all

©MrPinner 2017



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