What Is Drop Shipping – Answers

What is Drop Shipping?

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Here today i am going to give you a good number of the word “Drop Shipping”. So if your recent questions has been “What is drop shipping”, then you’re right here to get a list of different definitions.

5 Definitions Of Drop Shipping

1. Drop shipping is a kind of business arrangement in which as a seller, you offer an item for sale but not don’t actually have the physical inventory to supply the items yourself. Now since you do not have the item, you contact a producer, wholesaler to package and ship the item to a customer for you.

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2. In drop shipping, a buyer picks a product from your store or an online shop, probably a sample, the buyer pays for the product but you the seller in order to make more profit forwards this order details to a supplier who packages and ships to the buyer.

3. The business of Drop shipping involves the collection of order details from a webshop and forwarding same to a manufacturer, wholesaler who then ships to the buyer after receiving payment from the business man who submitted the order details.

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In drop shipping, the business man earns an agreed commission from every item shipped to a buyer.

4. Simply put, Drop shipping is a kind of business that allows a business man sell products without keeping them in his own stock

5. the phrase “Drop shipping” is phrase used to describe a kind of supply chain management technique in which a retailer who has no products in his stock actually transfers customer’s ordersĀ as well as details such as shipment address, telephone number, etc to a manufacturer, wholesaler, a retailer who in turn ships the goods to the customer.

Those are the 5 Good definitions Of Drop Shipping as i have promised. I will pin out the advantages of drop shipping in my next post.

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