What Is BreakThrough

When she had her child, Boo was notified but declined the request to take up responsibility of his child. He didn’t stop there, he went as far as creating a broadcast, saying “She thinks she can hook me with that pregnancy, little did she know I’m a wiser adult”. Everybody in the circle of friends mocked Amanda and hailed Mark for his wisdom.

Amanda had to make one hell of a choice, she moved out since she was gradually becoming the plaque every guy avoided because she is pregnant. Things became tough as she couldn’t meet up with the demands of her business, an only child of her late parents, uncles had taken over everything she’s supposed to inherit as an only surviving child.

Things became tough, sometimes she had to survive by the minimal jobs, cleaning jobs she managed to get around the city, she saved for herself. She save the little she could before the delivery of her child.

A few months passed, Baby was born. Such a lovely daughter, Tricia was a lovely daughter, even when Amanda backed her as she did her other jobs, people kept blessing the young angel with gifts of cash, Tricia was indeed a favor, a blessing..

A couple years passed, Amanda still finding it hard to do all she ought to as a young Lady, still finding it hard to feed sometimes, but the grace of her Chi never left her.

When she was pregnant with Tricia, most friends would mock her for having a baby with no one to stand as a father. Amanda never put such comments at heart.

Now At Age 18, Tricia took one of the exams by one of these oil multinationals in her community and passed. Off to London to study Medicine. After a couple years, she made it back, even before coming back, she’d already built a mansion for her mum.

She made sure Amanda, her mum never lacked anything. Amanda who was now in her later 30s had a skin as fresh as that of a 25year old lady.

She is a happy mum, he daughter has indeed been a blessing. She’d wiped out every tear from her eyes and made all those that cursed and laughed at Amanda wish they never did.

Now when I talk about Breakthroughs, you’ll need to picture this and keep your hope alive cos its never over until you’re no more. In other words, if you’re still alive, breathing, kicking, then there is every possibility the one keeping you alive has a reason for doing so.

Your breakthrough may take years to come but when it comes, be certain, it’ll come to depart no more.

As you can observe, after her many suffering, her breakthrough has wiped all that away, no one mentions Mark anymore and no one mentioned her sufferings anymore. That’s what breakthrough does.

Today I pray that your Chi Paves the way for your Breakthrough. Let all those lips that’s risen against you become weak as a result of your breakthrough.

Let everyone that’s rejected you for your weaknesses and Lack regret ever doing so and you when they reject you, see it as an opportunity to push you closer to your breakthrough.

It is Sunday, remain blessed in his love. Never lose faith. Keep believing.

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