What I Learnt From NYSC Orientation Camp

I was supposed to get to NYSC Orientation Camp on the 21st of November but as a very petty person wen I be, I enter road on Sunday and finally got to Babba Ruga, Katsina State on the 20th around 4pm.

I got to the camp and picked a mattress. Headed to the room.

Got to the first room, looked around after sitting on one of the empty beds.

Move! Move! – my instincts ordered.

I moved oo.

Got to room 2, greeted the 5 guys I met there, they smiled and spoke in a language I understood better. My mind was at ease with them and so I pitched in one of the iron beds.

That day passed. The room became filled up with guys. We were on the same mission, so we were happy.

On the 3rd day, camp was filled already, a lot of people were done with registration, kits were collected too.

Then came these 4 guys.

We were out for evening parade.

They didn’t meet anyone in the room so they shifted the beds and placed their mattress on the floor.

They didn’t get a bed space, they were weak as a result if the long journey and all they’ve been through.

They promised to leave the next morning but I knew the camp is filled already. Getting a bed space even a day after will be hell.

So we let them be.

The next day, another set if guys came. They did the same thing and for we landlords, it became hard getting to our beds.

We sparked. We wanted then out of the room. They couldn’t just come and scatter our beds as well as disorganize the room. What if we lost our items? Will they be able to pay?

We quarrel taya. They failed to utter a word in reply.

Las las, we all na guys so we let them have their peace. Na the same papa land we come serve na. After all an orientation camp affords us a bed space we can’t inherit no matter what.

Guess what.

We got to know each other, they were actually fun to be with. In among them was a guy we called landlord, we had SIMEOnTop, We had Dollar sign, a pastor that eats whatever camp brings. We discovered they were fun filled.

Even though we initially rejected them, we found ourselves not wanting to let go on the last day.

Many became friends we would always want to meet and share a moment with someday soon.

Even though the cold was much, drills were hard, the food was poor, we still managed to find happiness amongst us.

And so my people, no matter where you are, always make for peace. Always make a space for your fellow humans.

Always remember that we met this world like this, we will still leave this place someday.

When you can, give happiness to whom it is due and when you can, make a space for all human race.

My  experience at NYSC orientation Camp was one filled with so many memories I know I’ll cherish forever.

Yea. I found good guys there.

©MrPinner 2018



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