Very Important Lessons From My Visit To Babcock University

visit Babcock University

Its exactly 4 years ago when I went to visit my friend in Babcock University. I Was actually there to teach him some stuff since he’d been asking me to come for some months. I simply couldn’t go as he’d wanted because I had a lot on my hand. Had no transport too.

So I got to his room only to meet him calling his parents.

“Mummy please I need some pocket money for he week, I have just N25,000 in my account, I have no Cereals, I have no biscuit too, I have just 10 tin of milk left in the drawer and my clothes are 7 months old.

They’re due for a dash.

Omo, I weak.

For my mind, I felt he’s trying to insult me, so I finally went to his room, he began to complain how he drank only cornflakes the previous night and how he was not able to go out with his guys since he can’t afford to pay for the Drinks.

For mind, I was like. This boy na really Ori-Okpe ooo. So you have #25,000 in your account, you dey drink corn glakes, you have 10 tin of milk in your drawer and you’re bothering your parents.

Guys I felt like pressing his neck. Then my mind travelled back to my hostel in Ekpoma and I remember how I used to drink garri and salt, Beans and garri for over 2 weeks.

Not even that alone, the thing is that each time my uncle calls me and ask what I’d eaten for the day, I will say “Beans and garri”, my uncle will say ” Ah, its like I will even come and follow you to stay there oo, so that you’ll be giving ms beans and garri cos hunger dey wire we for here ooo”.

After hearing these words from my uncle, I will have no choice but to postpone whatever demands I had to make. Aside from pushing them aside, I have to look out for some Kpom-kpom work around the campus on weekends so I can go and carry block or concrete in order to make some #2000 from which I will buy some things for myself.

And here this boy is asking for some money, not that I envied him though, I only learned a very beautiful lesson which I was too shy to admit to him at that instant.

What Lessons Were There For Me?

From that trip, I learned that all fingers are not and would never be equal no matter whose hands they’re created for.

I also learnt that Your plenty today is someone’s lack somewhere and your best clothe are someone’s rags somewhere.

I also learnt that the things you’re happy about are someone’s worries.

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