Vaginal Dryness,Cure And Treatment

vaginal dryness

As soon as a woman hits menopause, production of estrogen slows down and even eventually stops after a while. At this stage of a woman’s life, a lot of changes begin to occur .

Well, on this Post you would learn about Vaginal Dryness, its Cure and Treatment for Older women.

Among these changes are irregular periods, hot flashes and mood swings. Other women may experience an increase in facial hair,a deeper voice, etc.
Among the many symptoms of menopause is vaginal dryness and study has revealed that about 9 out of 30 women experience this while going through the changes brought about my menopause.
Same study also showed that the level of vaginal dryness tends to increase after menopause. Before nko? No More brushing of the Congo meat na
Vaginal dryness sometimes can be experienced by you g ladies. Yes, those that has not even smell 30 can experience it too.
At such a stage, it may feel like a minor irritation around the private part and many would ignore.
But truth remains that lack of vaginal moisture could have some negative result on your sex life as a young Lady and so its  only good you see a gynecologist and stick to his prescription.

What causes Vaginal Dryness?..

Since 9 out of 30 women experience vaginal dryness, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone walked up to me and ask “what are the causes of vaginal dryness”, and so on gonna list the causes here.
Vaginal Dryness is usually cause by a good number of factors.
But its often occurs when the walls of the vagina which is supposed to stay lubricated by a thin layer of clear fluid.
The Production of this fluid is assigned to a hormone called estrogen and this same estrogen helps maintain and keep the lining of the vagina healthy, thick and Elastic. Ekwe!
However, in adult females in menopause stage, because of the drop in estrogen production, the presence of this moisture becomes rare and thus the dryness.
The cause of vaginal dryness include;
  • Surgical removal of the Ovaries (Eggs that form babies when fertilized by a sperm)
  • Childbirth and breastfeeding
  • Anti-Estrogen medication..
  • Radiation
  • Allergy
  • Douching and also..
  • Lack of foreplay (touch touch, press press, kiss kiss) before Knacking (sex)

Treatment Or Cure For Vaginal Dryness

And now if you’re looking for the treatment or cure of Vaginal Dryness, then you’ve got to read this part
Based on the fact that Vaginal dryness is mainly caused by a sudden fall in estrogen production, it is recommended that you use any of the 3 Vaginal Estrogen listed below:
1. Vaginal Estrogen Cream: This is also known as Estrace or Prenarin and you can use an applicator to insert the Vaginal Estrogen cream into your vagina. Do this everyday for 2 weeks.
After this, you reduce it to 3 times a week or as prescribed by your doctor.
2. Vaginal Estrogen Tablet: This is also known as Vagifem and you use a disposable applicator to insert this tablet into your vagina once a day for 2 weeks after which you reduce to 2 times a week
3. Vaginal Estrogen Ring: Also known as Estring, it is recommended that your doctor inserts this soft flexible ring into the vagina, while in there, it releases a kind of steady stream of estrogen directly into tour vaginal tissues.
You can replace this ring every 3rd month.

Cure For Vaginal Dryness (For Younger Ladies)

1. Lubricants to lubricate your vagina during sex. The lubricant can also be applied to the vulva or on your partner’s Penis (Blokos) bust before an intercourse as it keeps the vagina moist throughout the bedmatic (Sexual Intercourse) innuendo.
                          Related image
2. Vaginal Moisturizers to introduce some artificial Moisture into your vagina and lastly,
3. You can go for a hormone replacement Therapy (HRT)
Now you’ve known what a Vaginal Dryness actually means and along the line, you’ve also learnt the various symptom as well as when it is normal for a woman to experience this.
Aside from this, I also made mention of some treatment for you.
Before you go about treating yourself, make sure you consult a registered gynaecologist as he has the right to administer any medications on you.
I wish you good health as well as a good and sound sexual life.
Don’t worry, you can come inbox, I’m more like a small doctor too. I know the ethics of a good health worker
P.S: Encourage your boo, hubby to learn foreplay and play it very well before penetrating you.
If he does this very well, there is a chance that your vagina would be wet enough to protect itself from friction thereby making the whole thing enjoyable for the both of you.
Remain blessed.
Merry Christmas.



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