Unlimited Reasons Why You Need To Stay Determined at Work Place

benefits for working hard

I’ve just traveled down my memory lane and this time, my mind hit the story of a former neighbor, he’s a man no body ever liked.
People envied Mr Obi for many reasons.
Some says he’s too dirty, others says he hardly has time for himself. Some say he’s too stingy, the one that annoyed me most is when a boy cursed his own brother.
“See as you do head like Mr Obi bicycle seat”
That word weak me that day.
But trust an IBO man, its not like he’s not hearing what they saying, its not like he’s deaf or dump, he’s definitely not a mad man either, he’s just too busy to leave a reply
He’s just a man who had a lot if passion for whatever he dreamed of his future.
He sold spare parts in one of the most Popular Mechanics villages here in warri and for him, his shop is his only investment.
Thing is Mr Obi would buy some scrabs, cars, bike, trucks l, he would butcher these and sell bits by bits.
Every body hated him for this in the compound but what happened had their mouths shut for a few weeks.
It was my 3rd year knowing him and this day he called me to his apartment. He knew how much I hated these talks and bullies people throw at him, to my greatest surprise, he was praying for me.
He said “E go better one day” and that was his last word to me. I traveled back to school but by the time I came back for holidays after a 4 months period, I went to his flat but it was empty.
Every one was quiet, they watched me use their stairs and run down too. They mopped like I was some masquerade, but I had no idea what’s on their mind and so I asked…
“See as una just dey look me like Locozade” una never chop this afternoon?
“hmmm so you have not heard”
Me: hear wetin?
People: Mr Obi don pack ooo
He even tried to get your number but we didn’t have it…
Me: ah! Really?
People: he packed to his mansion in Jakpa Road
Me: wow.
They stopped there, they found no mouth or lips to mock him or talk about his stupid old looking combat shots.
Thing is they never knew that Mr Obi had a plan and was focused on his dreams.
Now take this to your work place this morning…
You’re probably one of the people called “Holy of Holies” or “Busy Body” at your work place simply because you stay glued to the rules and always willing to do your job accordingly.
People throw many shits at you but because your determined you keep pushing on no matter what they say..
I see a lot of people hating and back biting all because you’re out to do the right thing. In their minds, you’re very stupid and poses a heavy threat to them because they’re lazy and always looking for how to dodge their duties.
It follows. The same attitude you place at your current small job is the same attitude you’ll take along when you’re offered a bigger job.
I see that young corper, you’re mocked by your fellow corp members because you handle chalk every now and then, you probably have the zeal to teach, but they would try to rub mud in it.
“Na you wan carry first for NYSC abi” one of those jabs they throw at you to discourage you.

Benefits Of Staying Determined At Your Work Place

Just continue. Remain focused at it and Never let their words get to you. They probably throw those words out of jealousy or out of their ignorant for the blessings that will hit you as a result of your steadfastness.
Remember, many are the blessings of a zealous worker. the thing is even the blessings may not come at the place of work, it may come from someone you’ve touched with your work.
Always stay focused and glued to doing right.
If your blessing doesn’t come in the morning, it would come in the evening, if it doesn’t come in the evening, there is afternoon. Maybe midnight too but one thing is for sure.
When it comes, it will leave your tormentors speechless.
It will leave them stunned and confused. It will leave them weak, unable to lift their lips to slander your efforts.
The IBO man never saw the need to reply them because he knew his success would shut their lips. He utilized every second, looking for his daily bread while saving some money for his dream house and now he got it.
The neighbors couldn’t speak or slander him no more because his zeal has elevated him to a higher level. A level his slanderers won’t reach in a while.
Go on to your work this morning, do it with a smile in your heart, do it with all manner of zealousness, even though the state government has not paid, continue. Your rewards is surely going to come.
That’s my early morning words to you this morning.
I hope you understood every word of it.
Good morning my friends…
©MrPinner 2017



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