Unlimited Reasons Why You Must Not Marry For Fame And Wealth

never marry for fame

In your life as a human, man or woman, you’re very very happy even till the day you make your first million. The millions are good enough to bring you much joy and happiness.


This happiness is however snatched the very moment you realized you’ve tied the knot with an idiot.

No matter how rich you are, your millions is worth nothing if you’re tied with the wrong partner.

I’m sure the stories of #Tiwa Savage and #TontohDikeh is enough to prove this.

Even if you are the one being married, you will definitely be unhappy if you fall in the hands of the wrong man.

To solve this, value the little guy you have now, if he makes you happy, able to share the little he has with you, love him, if you pray hard enough and do the right thing and invest wisely, along with good works, you’ll build mansions some day.

Be in no rush for wealth and fame in marriage, it is only a few that can survive it.

Apart from Tiwa and Tontoh, there are other famous people you envy, you want to become that are swallowing their own marital pains by making sure it never gets to the media. The day it gets to the media, you’ll realize how much time you’ve wasted waiting for that rich man, for that rich babe.

Hope you had a nice weekend?

I did.

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