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NYSC Redeployment: All You Need to Know

My name is Nwachukwu Richard, a Nigerian currently undergoing his national youth service and on this blog today i would like to share my redeployment experience as i know it could help you somehow. Now You need To Understand a few things about NYSC redeployment. Redeploying has become one major topic on the lip of

How To Generate Targeted Leads For Your Business

For a business, the advantage officers hiring the best hands for the right job can never be over emphasized. Yes, it feels to right knowing there are good hands at the office, hands that would always be ready to do whatever it is you want and as at when necessary even without grumbling. For businesses,

Short Story: Chisom’s NYSC Deployment Letter

As we walked home, her mum was overjoyed, she was proud of her daughter. Even though people never believed she actually attended lectures or even had a result to show for all her mother’s struggles. But then the mum learnt of her state of NYSC deployment and gradually the smiles, merry and happiness all flew.


At the news I was utterly condemned by my very own. “Rejected, Unaccepted” to them I’m a disappointment and so they curse and moan on their own anger and hate for my existence. And now I ask myself. If the world condemn you, will you stand up tall and condemn your own self too? If

5 Possible Reasons Why Women Lose Her Interest For Sex

There are many reasons why a woman doesn’t like sex. When a woman says she doesn’t like sex, many men are quick to think that they are the problem. They think that the woman doesn’t like his sex game or that she is having sex with someone else. When she says she doesn’t like sex.

Moments After Operation Crocodile Smile in Nigeria

Operation crocodile smile was heavy in the area and so I went cold and left the city… On the TV it said the heat is off and so I quickly went back home because I had a pregnant wife whom I hid with my grand parents before the run. Walking closer, I could hear the

One Night Stand

One night stands are very powerful, it is capable of building something as well as destroying something. If it built something for you, you’re safe but if it destroyed something for you and you’re now wondering what to do. If you ask me na who I go ask? When a one night stand happens between

Truth About Honest People

There is one thing about honest people… When they way a word, they mean it and when its coming from them, it’ll be the truth and nothing but the truth even if it kills them. An honest man, woman drops her word even if its in the form of a short sentence, but its the

Being At The Wrong Spot

On his way back to school to complete his clearance, he saw his mom coming from the farm, she had a bunch of plantain on her head and her matched on the right hand. His younger sister Nene also had a basket full of palm nuts. They were returning from the farm. “Oh my son,

Short Story: Chronicles Of A One Night Stand

While dancing, they each had a bottle of scotch from which they guzzled while responding to the rhythm of the song emanating from the 4500w Sound system. This happened in Club Edge, Warri, after a while, they felt like they needed each other to survive the night and so it happened. Behind the club. On