The Real Place Called Streets

The Streets

The spot where I had my first injury…

Was really so happy that day, I’d finally been admitted after several years of hawking groundnut, after so many years of sleeping in the uncompleted buildings, after so many years of loneliness, I’ll finally be able to relate with my peers, I’ll be able to sit next to my Bunk mate and smile. I’ll finally be able to look back at the life I lived in times past, shake my head and smile.

The street is a place of great lesson to every determined human out there. Forget the recent use of the word “Street” the street is actually not for this that could afford a laptop and modem to surf the net looking for some gullible whites to scam.

Its far from that. The street is for those who’d been bitten and fried by the hot sun. Its for those that’s felt the effects of bad government. Its for those that’s had to run after a car just to sell that Gala, la Casera and whatever it is that brings them income to put food on their table.

The street is where I was when I earned enough to pay for my first term school fees in the secondary school.

It was Ray Of Wisdom Academy, located just by Umuika Junction, Isiala-Ngwa South. Yes, that’s where I earned the #1750 for my fees. I also earned enough to buy the black and yellow materials for my short and Shirt (My uniform).

That’s where I started making the most important investment of my life. My Education, I was just 12!

The street is indeed a place of great lesson for every true loyal street Child out there.

Unlike the ingrates, I never forgot where I met the rain, I’ll never forget where it is, where it was and where the sun has continually dried up my wetness.

Long live the streets, long love those that’s loyal to the streets. In the street we got it, we learned it and now we’re the best of our kinds.

I’m just a kid from the gutters, from the street
Makin’ this butter off these streets.

Loyal to the African Streets, in them I understood the basic concepts of life and choices

Photo Credits: Kola Onifoto

Good morning Africa.

©MrPinner 2017




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