Which Sex Position Do You Know Very Well

I see all manner of women talking about how good they’re in bed. They keep trying to make a guy feel like a 3rd class citizen simply because they think they know it all or can handle every guy they come across

Now listen up guys…

Don’t mind these girls ooo

The truth is that 89% of these mouth making ladies are used to just one style of bedmathics.

Its the common missionary that they know ooo. Most of then cannot even endure any other sex style apart from missionary.

The truth is they will open their mouth and talk their shit in order to be seen as a sex guru, but when you follow them to the #OtherRoom, you discover their Olodoness in the subject of sex is the absolute one.

No wonder My neighbor was describing how he almost called the name of his side-chick w nights ago when he was having some good loving with his wife.

He said his sidechick sabi all the styles. She sabi wheelbarrow, she sabi dog style, she sabi hanging, she dey give head too.

Aside from all that, she sabi pancake, Viennese Oyster, she also gives reach for the sky styles too.

I know most of these girls opening their mouth don’t know about these styles and yet you want to claim champion.

Thing is when you take them to the bed and begin to show them how the game of sex is played, they begin to beg, others would say “You wan Kill me?, the good ones will be moaning and enjoying the thing.

The good ones will even stylishly steal your mobile number and call a few days after and ask if you’re at home. If you say you’re at home, they will come home and begin to touch your chest,they will sit on your lap and begin to rub their breasts because they want to play the game of sex again.

If you are one of the ladies that only know how to talk about sex but don’t know how to do the thing. Go and learn and stop trying to claim some fake stardom.

Go and learn

It will help you to keep your man from Ekaete.

It will help to draw your man closer to you.

You can share if you like

Just don’t tell me how spoiled Richard has become.

Good evening
Tomorrow is Sunday
Make sure you go and serve your chi
In the most comfortable way

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