The Best Advice To My Beautiful Daughter

To my lovely daughter

Come sit beside Papa

You see eh, that word called relationship is a very big one oo. But listen to me very well as I break it down for you now.

The reason why its called a relationship is not sex…

Its way beyond that my guy. Its not all about pictures either. Boo here and Bae there.

Sometimes Its for the sake of that warm companionship, ability to share your thoughts, relate on issues and talk about the future.

You should be able to bring some valid points about his thoughts and when he’s confused, offer him a bossom to rest his head on. Some of us actually love to rest our head on those breasts of yours. Your lap is a good pillow in case you didn’t know

You need to be a wise girl, someone with a good IQ or intelligent Quotient in order to flow well with some men.

If you think its all about sex, then I can assure you he can get that with his cash.

Sometimes all he needs is just some cuddle, a good smile, some loud laughter, share a movie together and create an atmosphere of meaningful talks.

You can’t just assume he needs a good fuck and make yourself an object of sex. Nah…

A relationship is way beyond that OK.

If its all about pants down, sucking boobs and licking some pussy, then I would assure we wouldn’t be having divorce cases upabdan.


You Can Always Talk to your daughters as a father

The happiness of a man is not tied to that hole located just between your legs OK?

I stand to be corrected ooo


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