The Story Of An Undercover Military Police Across The Street

I remember the day I just decided to take a stroll across the street. I was feeling a bit uneasy and my trigger finger was twitching and so I knew something was wrong somewhere, I decided to pick my little pistol and put it 5 pockets below my waist. Always trust a soldier’s instincts my dear.

I walked to the junction when a group of 4 boys circled me. It was indeed a bad area, but today, they’ll never go home complete. I thought to myself.

Firstly they lifted their shirts to expose their firearm buried in their waist.

“Hands up, your phones” I obeyed at the sight of the gun they carry.

It was a combat shot and so there were a lot of pockets. I knew they’ll search no further once I hand them the gadget and so I quickly reached for it and handed it over. This is a lucky day cos if they’d searched further, my cover would be exposed.

Handing it over, they quickly turned around to search for another victim. Then I suddenly remember they had just a gun on display.

They were about 5 frets away when I pulled out my own fash. I quickly cocked it and pointed it at the guy with the gun.

Shot his left leg, in another second, I shot the guy with my phone. If you run I gun you down. The other 2 heard the panful cry of their gang mate and understood that water don pass garri.

They quickly fell to their knees and held their hands up. Onlookers lurked around and began to slap their faces.

O quickly called the patrol team assigned to he area and within a couple minutes, they were bundled and taken to the police station.

My phone still dey with me, my wallet everything, still with me, and now their family is here pleading for their release.

If they had killed me or succeeded in snatching my phones, would anyone come to beg me?

Sometimes you can’t just rob anyhow and get a way with it.

There are some bigger bigger men of horror walking around without making a sound.

The story of a soldier in my area.

Be careful who you rob

©MrPinner 2017



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