Short Story: Taken For Cows To Live

They Were Taken For Cows to Live…

They both went to see mum and Dad. Mum and dad lived in Ekrejeta, Abraka in Delta State.

When they got home, they couldn’t find mum, they couldn’t find Dad.

“They’ve gone to the farm” – neighbors signaled.

“Which of the farms”? – Chike Asked

“The farm just after Ethiope river, after the oil palm plantation”

Chike knew the location of the farm, he and his fellow corper set off.

They went to the farm. Along the way, they met women, children and child running from piller to post.

“What happened”? Chike asked
“Fulani men are fighting farmers” – the man answered

Did you see my father? – Chike asked..
No. I didn’t get to their farm today – man replied

Chike and his friend continued. They got to the plot. A few crippled crops, everything was in disarray.

Chike looked closer, he saw his father’s corpse. His mum”s by the side.

Chike was shocked. His friend too.

Before long, the herds men came our with their rifle. They fires and sprayed on anything that had breath including chike and his friend. Herdsmen never respected the fact that they’re youths serving their father land.

Chike was shot, his friend too.

That was the end of Chike and his friend, that was the end of his father and mum as well. Yes! They were taken for cows to live

It was a red day for the community, every body had tears in their eyes.

All the suffering of their both parents, all their struggles to make Chike a graduate went in vain. They couldn’t enjoy him, they couldn’t take pictures with him.

And then it became clear that they were taken for cows to live.

Now if you ask me why a Herder should be carrying a rifle around, I would turn and wonder if you’re really asking me.

Even when they have no rifles, their knives are arrows are more dangerous than anything.

They’re skilled at arms. They kill without mercy.

We want no Colonies in Delta State. We want herdsmen to mind their North. Stop the bloodshed.

Stop taking innocent lives

©MrPinner 2018



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