Short Story: Akpors Never Went For His Degrees

When I was sitting for my First Jamb in 2008, I had a friend, a very stubborn warri Boy.

Before 2008, Akpors never liked school, he never liked to be in class as he’ll be out somewhere playing football.

Most times, he would end up bullied by all and sundry for his nonchalant attitude towards his education.

His father would call him names like Olodo Rabata, Mr Odo and all that name.

It was time for Jamb, Akpors reluctantly bought a form and sat for The exams.

He actually made it as his jamb score came above 200. Wonder how he did that sha.

Now everybody was happy that he passed. A time came when his father opened a bank account for him and deposited some N150,000. He did this to ensure Akpors would lack nothing in school.

Guess what…

Akpors heard of a training program. A program where youths would be trained on repairs and maintenance of Aircraft, helicopters and all that stuff.

Akpors withdrew his bounty and use same to buy form for this training.

He even vowed that he will never go to school for anything.

I remember fighting with him after this statement and for spending the money meant for his education. It was such a huge fight, I even bit him self.

Now I’m done with my school.

Akpors currently lives in the US and works for one of the aeronautic companies in the US.

He received a huge pay and lives a life far most Rich men in Nigeria.

He’s even attended a very good school in the US and currently has a Masters Degree in Aeronautic Engineering.

He has a son and a daughter and a very lovely wife too.

Me I’m serving NYSC, I don’t even know if I’ll get employment a year, 2 years after this NYSC thing.

The thing self is so tayaring because even those that graduated years before me are yet to get a decent job.

you see eh, its not by going to School. School gives just a paper titled Certificate and a few knowledge.

If you know you have any trade that would give make you a living tomorrow, if you have an opportunity to be trained by an international Company. Please grab it and and invest your time and energy in it.

If I knew back in 2008 that life would be like this in Nigeria by 2018, I would have bought the same form with Akpors and who knows, I would be a pilot or an engineer by this time today.

Do not rely wholly on some degree or HND like me because it takes the grace of the Almighty to get a good job with your certificate.

This does not mean you don’t stand a chance of being employed sha.

Just make the right move at the right time

©MrPinner 2018



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