Short Stories: August Visitor 1

I remember the day he visited, we were so excited to have him cos after the many years we’d spent up north, we needed someone like an anchor, a guide around the town.

It was our 4th day in town but we actually didn’t move much. His visit was thus more than appropriate. We were happy.

That day, after super, after Watching King of Hearts: that yeye program they show on Zeeworld, I and my wife decided to go to bed. But I did something I’d never done before.

I actually went into the bedroom with my wife after checking in the twins. Yes I have a set of twins, they’re ladies.

They were fast asleep, so I retired to the bed. A few minutes on, I was snoring. Yes it was loud enough for me to hear.

Suddenly something funny began to happen in my dream, I think I saw a picture of a president wearing Nigerian jersey. He’d been playing football on the pitch and after his collapse, he was put on a stretcher and carried off the pitch.

The funny thing is those carrying him wore different attires. One wore red cap, the other one looked more like an ape and wore agbada, others were from the North East, Sokoto as their Attires revealed.

“Don’t carry me off the pitch, I can finish this game man, I can play on till the last minute” he continued to cry out. Finally he was taken out if the pitch.

Just then, I woke up. It was such a horrible dream but I didn’t even know what happened to the player since he was taken out of the pitch.

Now i woke up and decided to go check the house again. I went first to my twin. Had to check my girls to know how they sleep.

On getting to their room,they’re both fast asleep as the echoes of their snore could reveal.

Now down to the living room. Jessa wasn’t there. He’d slept in the Visitors room, it had its own bathroom and was very comfortable. Yes not in the living room too. He was not in the main toilet also.

Haba. Where could he be. Fear gripped me. Dialed his mobile number but obviously he’d switched it off.

Now to the door. I met the keys rightly fixed on the keyhole. But something was strange. They were swinging just like a pendulum.

This only meant someone left the house a few minutes ago. I glanced at my watch, it was 17 minutes after 1AM. Ah ah….

This midnight? I asked my own self.

Where could he be?

I quickly tried to call the…..

Watch out for part 2




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