It Is Not Easy Being A Single Lady Or Guy

You see this life ? Whatever it dishes to a single lady, a single guy suffers more. This is a post about the problems of being a single guy/lady

Yes, as a single lady, you go through a lot of pain and anxiety especially in times when you begin to reminisce on your previous encounters. Your moments in the arms of your one time handsome boo.

Your sex life alone is enough to drive you naughts and if you’re not strong enough, you’ll nearly end up doing what you’re not supposed to.

Alone in the sitting room, there is no light but you put on gen and so the TV is on, and now MBC2 has “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” on display.

It was the last scene where Alvin hugged and kissed his girlfriend after they made up. He not only kissed her, he also pressed so hard on her butts as they kissed and then came this monumental increase from within your boxer.

Bros is high, bros would like to do what the eye is seeing but then you look around only to find yourself and your loneliness. No babe. No one to even call. Even if you have to call a phone girl, they will say N20,000 which is almost equal to your monthly salary as a young teacher.

You hold and press on bros so it doesn’t keep rising but bros is headstrong, it keeps pushing the boxer up and then came a very loud knock on the door.

Your fellow corper is right at the door, she’d made a few gestures that suggests she’s interested in you, but because you want to respect your village people to avoid insults, you play low.

Now she’s on bumpshots and her back is also super..

Now she’s seen the new movie, a couple is making out and she’s fixed her eyes in the screen, and after a while, she fixes her gaze on you.

You turned to conceal the mountain in your boxer but then she comes closer, grabs the same mountain you’re trying to hide and before you know it, you’re both savouring the sweetness of one another.

After a while, she climaxes and you cum too. Yanking yourselves off. You realise you’ve just had sex with someone you’re not even friends with and then you ask…

Was she feeling what I was feeling too?

This life ehh, as e dey do man, na so e dey do woman.

Its a great task to be single in these perilous times my people. The problems of being a single guy/lady are much but don’t give up. Some day you’ll be united with your beloved.

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