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The smile in the eyes of her Mum, as she explained her whole confusion to her. Shade didn’t understand why her mum was smiling, here she was emotionally down and confused more than any Rihanna could be. In these last weeks, she had been put through too many torture emotionally and her mind had been

Why Is Moaning Important During Sex?

On This Post i am going to make my piece of mind about sex sounds. This is one very important thing about sex and i am sure someone out there has the same mindset just like myself. Why Is Moaning Important During Sex It is very important to understand that Sex is a 2 way


For Mark, everything turned out green and gold during his NYSC. He was at the very top of his game and could get everything he ever wanted. Mark had a very lovely girlfriend whom aside from being pretty also had a lot in her vaults. Call it gold, is it money? What about other landed

What Would You Do If Your Teenager Comes Home With A Sex Toy?

Will You Allow your Daughter to Own a sex Toy? To me, I think the pleasure coming from sex is highly personal and applies to the individual in question. While some guys would prefer Soapy or Masturbation, Most ladies find it pleasurable to satisfy their sexual drives with one or more of the available sex

How To Be Extraordinary In Everything You Do

When I was growing up, the first quote I grew to know goes thus “Great men are ordinary men with extraordinary achievements”. It was written on the wall of our classroom, I did not know who wrote it, not even the author, but I loved it. Later on I began to analyze the quote, the

Sex Education Before It Is Too Late

Tina was finally in secondary school, she prefers to spend her 10 hours In school rather than being home to watch cartoon and Church channels on TV, she’s not allowed to play with her mates at home and since this was not the case in school, she found people she could trust and bond with.

10 Important Facts You Must Know About Orgasm

Have These In Mind If You Want Her To Reach Orgasm 1. Talk to your partner, and ask her what she wants you to do to her 2. Always create a romantic atmosphere (Understand those things that brings out the real happy side of her) 3. Don’t be in a rush to enter her mountain

The Importance of Smaller Jobs In Your Life As A Beginner

In my country Nigeria, there seem to be a new way of linking everything that’s evil to the president. The Unemployed ones blame Buhari, Even SSCE holder still shout Buhari when they cannot buy airtime for their Babes.

Fiction: Adultery In NYSC Camp. Mr Matt Querries Aunty Vera

It was not a small issue last night my dear people I stood and watched as aunt Vera, a very fine neighbor was packed out and sent back to her parent’s house by her lovely husband Anunt Vera as I said is a very fine lady, her skin dey shine, her bobby stand, her lips

2 Important Chinese Words That Will Save Your Relationship

It was my 32nd year and as a single man, I was tired of it all. Everybody around me is beginning to look at me with some kind of corner eyes, even my parents frown at me each time I find time to visit them. They want to carry their grand children, grand kids from