Do You Know You Can Make A Child Smile All Days Of His Life?

I remember when I’d I learnt how to make a source of light from battery and bulb along with the wires. Mehn. It was such a nice thing. I felt like a hero. My dad said I will be a great engineer. I wanted to be an engineer and so I wanted to know how

An Important Lesson I Learnt From 2017 LAGOS City Marathon

It was the Lagos city marathon and so I decided to run. Just at about the time when we all stood on the 0m Mark, the shot was fired. Oya come and see race. People sabi run oo. Come and see race my brothers. Some people even ran and forgot the fact that its a

The Effects Of Looting On Nigeria’s Citizens

I’m not surprised that the only reason why Nigeria is in this thing called #Recession is because sombori somewia, some people somehow decided to milk every thing Nigeria ever had and stash it somewhere under their homes. I’m a young Nigerian guy, I’ve not eaten good food for days now, I walk into the bush

Mother Married For Me And The Wife Brought Me Joy

So my mother promised to marry for me and I thought its a joke. I moved back to portharcourt where I had a teaching job. I have a Bachelor degree in Physics education and so I taught my students very well and made sure they never lacked anything. It was a Friday morning and so

The Tough Things Students Encounter In An Examination Hall

This is a post about what an average Nigerian Final Year Student Has to Go through in an examination hall I remember how I wrote the previous papers, they were easy as stress free. Despite the normal 4 hour 30 minutes designated for Design of structural elements, I left the hall within 2 hours. Now

10 Important Facts You Must Know About Orgasm

Have These In Mind If You Want Her To Reach Orgasm 1. Talk to your partner, and ask her what she wants you to do to her 2. Always create a romantic atmosphere (Understand those things that brings out the real happy side of her) 3. Don’t be in a rush to enter her mountain

Reasons Why YOu Must Marry Your Best Friend

RELATIONSHIP VS FRIENDSHIP So I’ve been friends with this guy for over 5 years now, been friends with this lady for about 2 years now and we’re still in that little world called friendship, we’re happy. Its not because we do not fight, its not because we have no differences, its simply because we kept

6 Questions You Can Never Answer If You’re A Cheat

IF YOU ARE MARRIED AND STILL CHEATS ON YOUR PARTNER, PLEASE ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS 1. What style of sex does that intruder offer that your wife/husband doesn’t give you? 2. Does it mean you didn’t look at your partner very closely observe him/her before you proposed to her or accepted his marriage proposal? 3. Now

How To Quickly Help Your Sex Partner Reach Orgasm This Valentine

Orgasms? Oh Yea Orgasm. Its a very necessary thing in your life as a human being, but wait, most of you actually think its only necessary for females but you’re totally wrong. Others don’t even know how to send your lady to the world of orgasm, but I’m sure this will do. If it doesn’t,

The Importance of Smaller Jobs In Your Life As A Beginner

In my country Nigeria, there seem to be a new way of linking everything that’s evil to the president. The Unemployed ones blame Buhari, Even SSCE holder still shout Buhari when they cannot buy airtime for their Babes. When you’re there saying no job, someone has within the last 12 months advanced to the level