What Is BreakThrough

When she had her child, Boo was notified but declined the request to take up responsibility of his child. He didn’t stop there, he went as far as creating a broadcast, saying “She thinks she can hook me with that pregnancy, little did she know I’m a wiser adult”. Everybody in the circle of friends

Always Respect Yourself When You’re Close To A Nigerian Military Checkpoint

My Respect For Nigerian soldiers waxed stronger the day I saw one of the most stubborn Chiefs in my community jumping like a frog in one of the army checkpoints around the city (I will not mention the checkpoint). That day I finally realized there is more respect in an Army Uniform than any other

One Single Secret People Do Not Know About The Poor

In life you’ll discover that there are men, there are woman… People who’d been so traumatized by everything in life, so pained with the eventualities of life, good life they’re denied, a good meal they have none, a good resting place, they sleep in the cold. But along the line what do you observe? They

3 Unanswered Questions About Nigerian Police Officers

The Nigerian Police Force is one of the most porous force in the world. From my experience, the Police men you see along the way are so ready to sell their dignity, to betray their oath to serve and protect the life and property of the citizens at the very sight of a N100 Bill.

How Manchester United Made Me Loose N20,000 In One Day

NairaBet And MerryBet Has Really Do Me Shege!!! I’d just finished my ND back then, I check accant, I still had someĀ #34k. Man-U which used to be my most admired team was going to be on the pitch with Swansea City that Saturday and so I decided to place a bet in order to be

Story: How Pa Johnson Trained His Son To Become A Graduate

Let Me Tell You A Story of Pa Johnson: He Raised His only child, The child had no Job But still Takes Good Care Of His Old Father! Its a Lesson For us all! Pa Johnson worked so hard, he grinds and digs, he scraps and bears all the hot rays of the mid day

Short Stories: August Visitor 1

I remember the day he visited, we were so excited to have him cos after the many years we’d spent up north, we needed someone like an anchor, a guide around the town. It was our 4th day in town but we actually didn’t move much. His visit was thus more than appropriate. We were

The Importance Of A Good Woman In The Life Of A Man

I Know you’re currently in church or at that spot where you see your Chi. Today i just want you to understand something about women. Women are actually wonderful humans you know, Their presence in the life of a man is of insurmountable value. Importance Of A Good Woman In Your Life You know most

The Real Place Called Streets

The Streets The spot where I had my first injury… Was really so happy that day, I’d finally been admitted after several years of hawking groundnut, after so many years of sleeping in the uncompleted buildings, after so many years of loneliness, I’ll finally be able to relate with my peers, I’ll be able to

TITHING: The Real Truth About Tithing Revealed

So many Christians are still left with great wonder as to the reasons why tithe is often hammered on by religious leaders, some are left with the question: Who eats our tithe. Others actually just obey the words and pay as they ought to but here is a very aptly analysis of tithing by Mr