Story: How Pa Johnson Trained His Son To Become A Graduate

Let Me Tell You A Story of Pa Johnson: He Raised His only child, The child had no Job But still Takes Good Care Of His Old Father! Its a Lesson For us all!

Pa Johnson worked so hard, he grinds and digs, he scraps and bears all the hot rays of the mid day sun all to meet the needs of his only son who as at then just gained admission into one of the prominent universities in Nigeria.

Yes, its my only son, if I don’t invest into his future, who will give me food when I’m old and weak? He’s all I’ve got, his mother is no more, so I’ll do all I’ve got to do in order to support him. Tomorrow will be better when my son becomes a graduate and becomes a big man – Pa Johnson thought.

Just this rainy season, sometimes along Ughelli Asaba Express Road, Pa Johnson would have a faulty car right at that spot where water has eroded the road leaving behind a very large pothole and would in attempt to repair whatever fault slide under the car even though the pothole is filled with water.

In times when he’s not on the road, he’ll be in one of the markets looking for ways to buy food stuffs for his son who schools 2 states away.

He studied Geography and regional planning, he made good grades, intact he topped his class, lecturers knew him, even deans spoke of him and many ladies would be pleased to have him teach them cartography since he knew it like he knew his way to the classroom.

It was the 4th year, Chike, the Messiah son of Pa James signed off, he’d finished his exams and was walking home. He’s proud he’d made it. His father would be proud and happy. He’ll now be a man to run and cater for the needs of his father – the only relative he had.

After graduation, he was serving, he got his stipends and from this, he bought his dad a good wrapper, a nice pair of shoes and some good clothes too. Chike is a good guy, so people likes him.

After NYSC, Nigeria Struck. No job!

6th year after graduation, no job, 7th year, no job. Chike looked, he couldn’t stay with his arms folded, father is getting old, he himself is getting old too. As an only child, father expects grandchildren soon, but how will Chike feed them?

He took to fashion designing, he became good at it. The lord of hustle, the man who only lives above and uses the earth as his footstool blessed him.

At 82, Pa Johnson still shines and speaks grammar, and chops Dry meat and fish. His son is making it big, not with his certificate but with his skill.

Yes! If naija labor market worry you, kill them with skills. Learn a trade and live your life. Its probably you’re not born to be a laborer but to be an employer of labor.

Our labor market is over saturated!!!

Now That’s How Pa Johnson Trained His Only Son, He Had No Job but they still enjoy life

I know you enjoyed my story.

Thank you for Reading!

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