One Single Secret People Do Not Know About The Poor

In life you’ll discover that there are men, there are woman…

People who’d been so traumatized by everything in life, so pained with the eventualities of life, good life they’re denied, a good meal they have none, a good resting place, they sleep in the cold.

But along the line what do you observe?

They keep marching on. The world, the economy, their savings aren’t much, yet they’re able to smile. Their smile alone is just enough to inspire the rich.

The little union they manage to build, so strong, even the rich envy how they’re able to enjoy their vegetable and crayfish and still manage to find peace in their home.

To them, they’ve stumbled, they’ve cried, they’ve hurt, they’re used to all the eventualities of life, yet they still grip their hands on the little chord they manage to find, they still tag on to the little beacon of hope.

“Where there is life, there is hope” the only consoling word they live with. They eat nothing, yet they’re happy and able to carry on their daily tasks…

Yet you, you have a fan blowing away the sorrows of the day, a good plate of jellof with a cup of orange juice, you are a student of one of the best schools, you have your parents all with you.

You have kids, you have a roof over your head, your hubby is alive, everybody is OK… Yet you are bitter within for that small thing?

You have some change in your account and to some extent, you can afford all your important needs, yet you find it hard to smile to the glory of your Maker…

Well, the lord said you should be grateful…
Those that are dead are without thoughts, if they did, they’ll be so over joyed to come back and manage life the way they see it.

It takes almost nothing from you to smile and brush off your worries…

No matter the situation, no matter how much tears you’ve shed, it’ll pass.

Many are out there praying to be in your shoes, but the thing is they’ve actually not found the amount enough to buy your kind of shoe and when they do, they’ll probably be too scared to step on them shoes.

Yes, if it doesn’t kill you, it’ll make you, you’re still alive right?

If he who rests above and uses the world as a foot stool didn’t want you to overcome it, he wouldn’t keep you till now

Cheer up
Stay strong

Its just the wind that would test your stability!

Since you’re still alive, it’ll surely be over someday

With time it’ll pass…!

I love you,

But he loves you more

OK, Bye

©MrPinner 2017



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