NYSC Redeployment: All You Need to Know

My name is Nwachukwu Richard, a Nigerian currently undergoing his national youth service and on this blog today i would like to share my redeployment experience as i know it could help you somehow.

Now You need To Understand a few things about NYSC redeployment.

Redeploying has become one major topic on the lip of corp members especially those posted to the Northern part of The country Nigeria.

Reasons Why Corp Members Seek For Redeployment

1. Insecurity:- Corp members from other geopolitical zones feel insecure serving in the northern part of the country and for this alone, a good number of them want to make sure they’re never deployed there and if eventually they’re posted there, they want to be redeployed to any other zone other than the northern part of Nigeria.

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2. Health:- Health is another reason why a corp member would seek for a redeployment. Most times, corp members with ailments seek for redeployment in order to be relocated close to their family or closer to a family doctor to enable them have access to the right medical care and at the right time.

3. Marriage:- Mostly for female corp members. Redeployment on marriage ground is always honored no matter what. She has to go back home to her husband in order to continue her duties as a mom and wife and so no National service can object to this.

How Easy is it to get NYSC Redeployment?
Its very easy if your reasons for redployment are genuine. Some corp members do forge medical reports though but if you have genuine reasons, be rest assured your request would be honored.

Do You Pay For NYSC Redeployment?
in a normal standing, if you happen to be posted to the northern part of the country and you feel insecure, just fill the redeployment letter and state your reasons and wait.

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Chances are that it would be honored.

If on medical grounds, you dont need to be delayed, you will be allowed to go.

If on marital grounds, nothing can hold you back from going back to your family.

What If You’re Deployed to Borno State?

Well, i was deployed to Borno state, but my orientation course took place in Civil Defencd College in Babba- ruga and it was fun.

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While on camp, i was offered the redeployment form, i filled and submitted same and on the 21st day of the orientation course, i was asked to log on to my NYSC portal dashboard and there i was redeployed to Edo state. So as i write this now, i am an #Edocorper.

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