8 Group Of People You’ll Meet In NYSC Camp

An NYSC Camp is a reserved place where Nigerians who graduated at the age of 40 or below are gathered for a 21 day orientation course.
It is in an orientation camp that Nigerian youths from different cultural backgrounds, ethnic group are gathered and trained before they’re finally sent to their Place of primary assignment (PPA).
NYSC camps are not for graduates from Nigerian Universities alone, Nigerians graduating frlm foreign universities are also deployed to undergo same 21 day course.
As far as Nigeria is concerned, as far as NYSC camps are concerned, you’re surely going to meet these 8 category of people:
1. The confused ones are many. They keep looking at fine fine boys but often too scared to say ‘hi’
2. The Hustlers that are just out to make some cash or milk the rich guys. Male and female hustlers exist. They keep asking if you have cash for this or that and when you ask them for cash, they never have.
If you look closer, you’ll see them switching boyfriends or gehfren upandan.
3.  The real ones exist too. They’re unique on their own way. They really seek nothing but an honest one to be with. Someone whose Yes stands Yes no matter what.
Someone who says ‘I’m coming’ and before you look, he’s right there.
4. You also get to meet the hurting ones. This ones have been dealt with. Their previous relationships weren’t good enough and so they have decided to remain in their shells.
No matter how honest you are, no matter how genuine you appear to be, they see you as a liar, a cheat, a heart breaker, you mame it.
5. You also get to meet the married ones who can’t bear the low temperature here. Its 16°C and so they just need a firm something to compensate their husband/wife’s absence.
6. The hidden ones: these people don’t show themselves, they hardly appear friendly, at least not to everyone, but one thing about them is that if you get close to them, you’ll realise they’re angels waiting to be discovered.
7. You get the desperadoes. They just want to do all they can to be redeployed, get connection and all that shit and so you see them behind trucks, beside trees and behind hostels knacking and moaning recklessly.
Well, its its their preek and Kinkis sha.
Some even sleep with an army officer with the lowest rank at the mention of redeployment.
8. You get those who hardly eat good food in their homes, but here, they keep demanding for as many piece of meat as they can get.
In their house, they buy N50 rice, N20 beans, no meat, no fish, they eat and stay happy but would come here to form staunch.
As for me sha. I nor dey form, I’m not a butty, I be Confirm Kpako, I eat camp food too. Not because I have no cash, but because the food they sell at camp market isn’t so better than what’s served to corpers.
I also eat because this is the stage of my life where anything can happen. If I travel to China or Italy, will there be a pot of Egusi soup and Eba waiting for me out there?
I’ll have to eat what people eat there isn’t it?
Now that’s adaptability and with what I’ve eaten for the past few weeks, I’m certain I can survive in the Northern part of Nigeria.
Well. I know there are other type of people out there, but if you have being in an NYSC camp before, you’ll confirm what I’ve written here.
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