Short Story: Chisom’s NYSC Deployment Letter

As we walked home, her mum was overjoyed, she was proud of her daughter. Even though people never believed she actually attended lectures or even had a result to show for all her mother’s struggles.

But then the mum learnt of her state of NYSC deployment and gradually the smiles, merry and happiness all flew. It precipitated just like Methylated spirit would in the presence of air.

Well, even tho she became sad, she still held Chisom’s hands and asked that I kneel beside her as she prayed for us both.

Now that’s what a good mum does, even though she’s got those fears, she still had faith.

But then after praying. She picked her phone to call Chisom’s dad who I know much be deep in Onitsha market by that time to tell him if his daughter’s achievement.

“Hello, my dear how are you” asked Chisom’s mum.

“Nne I dey o, I dey display my products for shop sef” replied Chisom’s dad.

“My dear mu so k’am gwa GI si na e deploy go Chichi o” – Mother added.

“Ebee k’ha deployiri ya” dad asked

“Ha dere Adamawa State oo” mum replied.

At the mention of that, the father fired up.

“You see that your useless daughter, have you seen what she’s brought upon herself? She does everything without telling me, bla bla bla”

But me I was touched by this line “if she likes, let her die there, I dont care, she is a very useless somebody”

Phone was on speaker, I heard it all and instantly I began to feel for my friend.

Chisom heard the words too, but held herself. She obviously wasn’t surprised at his response but then something happened after Chisom’s mum left for her shop within the street.

Chisom started crying. She wept. In fact I’ve never seen my friend cry like this before.

And then Chisom began to speak of all she has been through in the hands of her father.

It was a sad thing to hear.

The mum has been the only source of everything, schooling, feeding, clothing, medicine, even soap, you name it.

Yet, for the father to be grateful, he’s insultive and even abuses Chisom’s mum instead.

And then Chisom asked with tears dripping down her eyes:

“Richard just tell me now, if my own father could curse me and verbally abuse me this way, what would a mere stranger do to me?

My brothers and sisters, I weak for the matter.

Some fathers are really worthless. Sorry to say, but they really are to the core


Well, this just shows that we all have our own sad stories, a reason to frown and cry even from our own homes.

But do not let your heart be troubled because even though it happens that way, there is a man above whose hands are always ready to wipe those tears away.

I cracked a few jokes and Chisom and I began laughing a few minutes later sha but deep within me, I felt my own anger growing.

I needed a neck to press but it was someone’s dad and so I couldn’t do a thing.

And so No matter what bad treatment you get even from your very own people, always be positive.

Look up to the man above for he is the only true father, brother, sister, aunt, mum you ever had.

I wish you all a happy weekend.

©MrPinner 2017



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