Do Not Evade Talks Regarding Your Daughter’s Sexuality

On getting home, Mirabel decided to go to Dad, her role model to know the meaning of a word she’d heard from her friends in school. She was just 8 at that time.

On seeing her Dad, she was over joyed as she jumped on him to welcome him from work. Just at that time she was about to ask for the meaning of the word she’d heard, Daddy brushed her off.

“Mirabel please go to mummy, she’ll answer whatever question you might have” Mirabel, a bit confused along with some anger left Daddy’s presence and charged towards mummy.

Getting to mum’s room, she met mummy doing her Make-up. She was so happy for at least her greatest puzzles would be solved by e only set of people she’d known and felt comfortable with – mum and day.

“Mummy could you please explain the meaning of sex? Mummy nodded in disagreement, she rescheduled and fixed a date to answer that question.

Mirabel became sadder than shed been before. All night long she had the pain in her heart but smiled as she remembered the driver would be willing to solve the puzzle in her Dad…

Next morning, As the driver drove her to school, Mirabel asked the driver for the meaning of sex.

Driver: Oh that? He asked.
Mirabel: Yes Uncle
Driver: I won’t tell you the meaning, I will show you what it means
Mirabel: That’ll be nice uncle
Driver: Well, you have to promise to never tell anyone about this

Mirabel: *Innocently Nodding her poor little head*

A few days time, Mirabel was RAPED, the culprit was the driver. She was able to speak only after a string persuasion by her mum. She was in great pain, she bled for hours after the did and almost lost her life.

Driver was caught and Jailed but the effect of the rape still hunts Mirabel like Flies Hunts shit.

********* This could only mean there is a lot of job for you parents as regards your daughters and sons as regards their sexuality******

Till you’ve cleared every doubt and puzzle from their mind, they’ll keep asking and keep testing and jeep looking and wishing.

Sex Education is just all you’ll need to clear such puzzles from their head. It’ll save them from sexual predators and give them an upper hand over a potential Paedophiles

Sex Educate your kids today and Arm them against the world.

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