Watch It: These Girls Are Out For The Money, They Have No Love For You

Get this straight now.
Do you know that 78% of these girls claiming to love you, Mr A or Mr B actually do this because of the benefits they’re deriving from the word “love”.

They tell you they love you and you’re suddenly an imbecile, you are ready to waste it all on them without even asking the most important question.

You actually haven’t found the moment to wonder if love is all about spending expensively on your lover. You spend and she collects without even encouraging you to save for your own future.

One thing you don’t know is that there is one girl out there who even though does not mention the word “love” has more love then everyone you think loves you.

Thing is, she might be looking for a way to get closer, but the presence of these fake girls in your life keeps pushing her away.

This one girl is probably ready to open her gold filled world to any man that would appreciate her the way she is.

All she needs is just your attention, your love, care and presence in her life.

You may think I’m joking, but such girls exist. They’re the rare gem you seek, you’ll meet her if you’re pure in your ways, if you’re ready for a real life relationship because she’s not the kind of girl you can come by anyhowly.

Change your promiscuous ways today and that lady that would sweep you off your feet will come around

She will be the happiness you seek and will change your perception of love.

I won’t tell you this again.

I wrote this because #Buhari asked me to
He wants you to #Change for the better

Hope you understand this my people.

Happy weekends

©MrPinner 2017




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