Our Nigeria: Our New Flag And Coat Of Arm

It is with a heart full of pain, anger that I’ve made this post, I mean each time I read the news, watch the news media and place my eye on the Coat a of Arm And Flag, I’m left with no choice but regret ever being born into this country. In this country, we’ve all done our best to pay our humble Homage but at the end of the day, we’ve realized we’re actually Overcharged in every way.

This is surely going to be Our Nigeria, Our New Coat Of Arm.

I see the Coat Of ARM, I also saw other things but I m going to hit in these for today….!

I also saw our green and white colors. Colors that can’t represent themselves. The white, a symbol of Peace. But may I suggest the colors be changed from green white green to Black Red Black? Yes! The many killings and Darkness looming all over the country is enough to snatch the original colors of the flag.

White colors on the flag never pure. They’re filled with the blood of the innocent, hear the Anambra killings and take a sleep pill for the thought if it alone is enough to cause miscarriage.

Now looking further, I see the COAT of ARM. Another national I respect so much, the only thing I saw in Vietnam and dropped my arms for I realized I was about to fire life Ammo against my own country men.

The Flowers they saw signifies beauty but my dear sisters and brothers in the lord. Show me where the beauty exists in our fatherland today. Forget the capital cities, those are beaut for politics. Let’s talk about the other sides if the country, where are the elements that describes beauty? Do we have roads? Do we have infrastructure? Tourist attractions would’ve been good as they help add beauty, but do we still have any good site? NO!

On the same Coat of ARM, we have the Shield. I wonder why they didn’t tag it the protection tool for citizens but I guess the designer saw a very clear vision of these years and so decided to tag it the fertile soil. Now I’m left wondering why our fertile soil produces nothing but rotten Fruits, rotten leaders and rotten policies, Systems that nothing but brings a grin on the face of citizens.

I see Horses. Horses are good animals, they allow you journey from the valleys to the mountains, but for Nigeria, we’ve always been in the valley, seems the horses aren’t horses after all. If they were, we wouldn’t be this deep into recession, we would be more developed than this by now…

I see the Eagle: a symbol if Strength. But permit me to say the eagle on our coat of Arm is nothing but a weakling. The eagle can’t even fly, if it flies, it moves to eat her own EAGLETS. Yes, policies that nothing but promotes anarchy.

The green and white Bands signifies a rich soil, but I guess like the shield, this rich soil only has a way of producing rotten fruits. Its a quick sand. If it weren’t why would our only existing infrastructures be non operative? Why would they be in a state of near inexistence? Why is DSC, Ajaokuta Steel Mill in a state of Dormancy? Why are the other Ports non functional? Why aren’t there policies that’ll promote commerce and industry?

Then the one that made me laugh and roll on the floor is the Stupid motto “Unity And Faith, Peace and Progress” . Come on! Its a sweet land of “Kill them all and let them die” where is the peace, unity, progress and faith in this country?

Unity is a 0/10 as far as Nigeria is concerned. I mean, can’t you see every zone is calling for a split…?

Faith? Faith on who? On my local Government Chairman that cannot even serve? Faith in my Governor that would rather embezzle rather than pay workers?

Did I hear Peace? I guess he same score for unity is applicable here.

You’re even bringing brother PROGRESS to the equation. Don’t you know when we chased Ghanaians off this country? Now if you can compare Ghana’s Educational System Alone with Nigeria’s you’ll understand the real meaning of Progress….!

They tag The US the Sodom of the 21st Century but I guess God has actually forgotten his way to Nigeria. If not why would there be tears in the eyes of almost every Adult in this country?

Yea, quote me everywhere, time is past when I used to say “Fuck the Police” but now I’m better with my “Fuck Jail” so send them DSS and if They’re not gonna think about these facts, let them come with their Black Maria and take me. What matters is that I’ve said what I wanna say, just the way I feel it and the way I Know it Applies to over 75% of my Country men.

Yes! This is Our Nigeria, Our New Coat Of Arm.

©MrPinner 2017



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