The New Phase Of Cultism In Nigeria Today



Its a gathering, a religion or religious sect generally considered to be extremist or fame, with its followers often living in an uncontroversial manner under the guidance of an authoritarian, charismatic leader.

That’s the dictionary meaning of the word cultism, and to me it has gone beyond the days of the Ayes and the Pyrates as persay.

Cultism today has developed a new phase which of course is no much different from the definition above and in this I wish to throw more light on.

The founding fathers of cultism in Nigerian today, would sit back and smile at what it has become, others like my able laureate Wole Soyinka as a learned man would understand the adverse effects of his good intentions back in 1952 in the University Of Ibadan and frown bitterly because so many souls, the innocent and the guilty have been lost or killed for the sake of the word “Cultism”

Today, Cultism has become a new thing in the Nigerian society and what pains me more is the rate at which this new phase is generally accepted and respected in every home.

Our youths no longer says welcome to the good things, to the good names and to the degrees. They only want to enjoy the gift of this new cult and I still say its not worth the attention it currently gets in our society.

The new phase of cultism is so admired by all simply because of the good things that is believed to come with it.

The leaders of this cult are not those in 1952, its simply those that are seen as bosses or Oga in the game. Wait in the game of what? Game of pretence and stealing?

You hear Johnson caught his new car, Toyota Spider and your every sanity vanishes from your head. You see him build house for his papa and mummy and you suddenly want to explode.

Your every good mentality suddenly drops and you want to hit his wall, house or phone in order to blend in. Now he actually picks your call and you go straight to the point.

“Make they carry me along naa”, you demand to be carried along, to be updated with the current trends in the cult and if his mind allows, he invites you to his spot.

Buy some high profile cognacs, BBQ and assorted kinds of booz and your day is made. Oboy this guy na blast.

You’ve probably touched the heavens and no one reach you again.

Now you’ve tasted the cult, the next thing you wanna do is blend of be blended into the system and so you look for money from every corner and hit the plaza or the mall to do some shopping (Buying Laptops for Yahoo = being blended into the cult)

After the shopping you want to buy the uniform too, may be regalia is a better word for it. And so you

Walk into a Barbara shop,

Dies your hair black
Grow some dreads, after a few weeks of sleeplessness, you catch Your own Toyota spider, Drink a lot of codeine (The favorite drug of the members), take a lot of weed, hit the jewelry shop and get some gold chains or mimics, you buy that Trending Nike Slippers, get your own tattoo on the face and get one or 2 piercing.

Now you’re a bonafide member of cult, you’re trending, you’ve been with the bosses and you’re recognized.

You buy their favorite smartphone brand (iPhone), you now get a very cool hotel where you spend most of your night.

You actually speak and text like all members do and you begin to hit on girls like your bosses do, if you’re not careful enough, you’re introduced to the “Plus” version of the cult and this time a human sacrifice becomes necessary.

They ask for one or 2 members of your family, probably your mum or any other person the juju could work for. Its called “Washing of hands” and you’re big boy now.

The money keeps coming, you stay real to the cult and you’re a big boy. You hit the clubs and buy the expensive brands of wine, probably 300,000 every night and you’re good with the girls.

You’re on Facebook only to do one thing “Seek the innocent white women” and scam the hell out of them and you think you’re going to make heaven?

The cult is growing fast and so other new ones are introduced to you. They call you boss and you think you’re really a good boss.

Look you’re just a thieve, you’re a cultist and you are among the many thieves that have spoiled the name of this country, even if they don’t know you’re a Nigerian, you’re one and you’re the reason why I was called a scam in Jamaica.

You’ve made it hard for Nigerians to walk into a Club or a shop and but with their cash because the cash (Dollar, euro, dinar, pounds has to be scanned to ensure its not fake, yet a little boy walks in with his bill, buys and walks away without his notes check simply because you’ve made the world believe there is every bit of scamming in our gene.

You’ve made it almost hard for an average honest Nigerian to secure a job abroad because you’ve so spoiled the name “Nigerian” to the extent that even illiterates now frowns at the average educated Nigerian youth out there.

This is the cult and it is trending now, but that’s selfish though cos you’re happy for your own pocket.

Not really here to criticize the actual cultism, I respect everyman for his religion and culture but this new phase of cultism is what I frown at cos its caused me a lot of pain.

Can’t even make a friend from outside Nigeria here on Facebook without having to explain how clean I am from scamming.

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