Short Story: Mr And Mrs Cheat

When you left 3 weeks ago, I held my self very much, I made sure I go straight home from work and when I get home, I ask the maid to set my food on the dining table and after eating, I go straight to bed.

On this wonderful day I was so pushed, I called your line severally to talk to you, to share the moment with you but you weren’t there
Aside from sharing a moment with you even when we’re not physically together, I also felt like making love to you. Its been pushing since the and week of your travel and this time, the urge was stronger than ever.
You failed to respond and so I decided to sit on the couch. I was sitting in my own when the maid came to me, gave me a letter from the postal service.
After reading the letter, I angrily tore it and threw the trash on the floor.
The maid saw this and came to sweep it in order to keep the sitting room neat.
I still sat with the urge pushing, I could feel the mountain growing within my pants, while facing me, the maid instructed that I raise my legs, I did and just that instant, her eyes fell on my mountain.
She winked, she’s a fine geh after all.
Aside from winking, she also turned her back while packing the dirt and the moment she did, I realized she was beautifully endowed from behind.
Mountain got angry and grew even bigger. I couldn’t hold the libidinal push and so I grabbed the maid from the back.
I held her even though she hesitated. I tried to hug her, to be caressed by her chestful mountains and she hugged me too.
While hugging her, she grabbed my mountain and then came a moan from me. I was dieing inside. I needed just that grab and she’s given it perfectly.
I was blind, I couldn’t see any other thing other than just us two on this empty house, I also imagine what it would be like to have her to my self.
Lifted her to the couch, undid her gown, her bra, exposing those brown nipples, I sipped them like red wine and even though they had no taste, I kept sipping.
She was na na on the couch, moving her body like a busty snake.
I pushed aside her pink panties and planted my mountain. It grew fine as she began to moan.
“I’ve not had this for a year now” – she assured.
We’ll made it, she enjoyed it, I did too…
But then the guilt never left me, I loved my wife, I loved the feel and vibe with the maid too.
and now I’m sorry for betraying our wedding vows my dear.
It will never happen again.
“Well, when I went for the 3 weeks trip, I also had a good time with an old friend, he smashed it well also” – she replied.
I fainted.
Now those are the words of Mr and Mrs Cheat.
Let this not be your portion come 2018 oo. Because me I will press person neck.
Well, there is no excuse for cheating.
Good morning my brothers and sisters
©MrPinner 2017



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