How MMM Ruined Tunde’s Life


Tunde was a good man till MMM failed his referrals

Yes, This is exactly how Tunde’s reputation were Ruined by MMM

Tunde saw MMM and its profits in the early days of 2016
Tunde was a good boy
Tunde learnt he will earn more
If people registered under him

Tunde told Aisha
Tunde told Mazi
Uche joined the group
Prince also brought his money

Every body is happy
Tunde is now seen as a boss
Tunde earns more than everybody else.

They wanted more profit
So they invested more.
Tunde said 2 milion is a good investment

They fused their money
They’re waiting for their profit.

The Mavros were frozen.
The millions are stuck
Tunde is worried,
He explains to friends

They hope
They still hope
They are hoping for the money to come out

The money is actually gone
Tunde is a bad man
Tunde worked for MMM

Ponzi is not Bae
It ruins your name
It can kill sef

Be careful what you invest your money on

©MrPinner 2017

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