Love Story:A Love That Is Not Blind

Today i would like to answer a very important question about love…

Everybody wants to say “Love is blind at the slightest of all” but i feel love is not anywhere near blindness because:

If your love for me cannot help me see my flaws and work towards correcting them, if your love cannot sharpen me, if your love does not work towards making me a better person, it does not suggest possible ways to overcome my fears, to over come my pains.

If you’re just after the gift I bring and the sweet things I buy, you’re only my love because I take you to the cinema, you like it when we go shopping but you won’t contribute your quota to making me realize my dreams, then I think your love is either myopic or Blind.

“My kind of love is not blind, it sees, its got eyes like that of an eagle and it encourages and admonishes, it strengthens and fights to make better whatever it finds in you”- ~MrPinner 3(22)A~

I see no reason for two wrong big heads to spend weeks and months together when they’re still going to remain where they started.

This is 2017, I don’t think its right to keep saying love is blind when we’re all able to see everything that goes on around us. After all you’re reading this which clearly shows your not a blind sombori.

See me, I see you, correct me, I correct you, give me ideas, I’ll give you when you need any, let’s discuss and plan things.

If you’re gonna let me do the thinking, planning, funding and innovation all alone, sooner or later fatigue will hit me and when it does, I’m gonna need a lil’rest, my stress level will up and what follows will be nothing but a tired mate.

You don’t need to be an “Only take” partner, this is common with whores and prostitutes, if it was all about sex, I could get from ’em.

What a man needs is a lady, a wife, another mother, a friend, a partner in everything, a co-planner. He’s tired of solo and that’s why he needs another person to make him a duet.

Think this true and work on your modus operandi as regards love and I promise you, you’ll be the only one he runs to. The only one he shares his problems with, you’re gonna become his favorite human and when the goods come,you’re gonna have the better share.

I hope you had a nice time at work?

Work hard and be the queen he bows to

©MrPinner 2017



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