How To Set And Achieve Goals In 2018

How to set goals and achieve goals 2018 using What Brian Tracy Extension.

“I welcome you all to the year 2018 a year filled with great success, financial freedom, improved relationships, prosperity” I guess these are the words you heard at the cross over night.

Many people told you this: “Happy New Year”. Some is “I wish you happy New Year”.
Of all the groups the latter one is the correct one.

Many people do not even know that we are in a new year they are still wishing. That is the reason every new year they wish to be financially free but it is a mere wishes so it never come to pass. Some wish to have a change but it never comes.

Everyone that had the change they wanted once decided to have that change. Not until you decide you cannot attain it.

Every success, be it an innovation or invention there has been decision. The right brothers made the decision to work on a project that once looks impossible because of the decision.

You write the decision down the other name is known as a goal. You write down the goal and attached a deadline to it.

All this process looks complicated to you but our computer was invented to make life easy for us.

That is the reason I am sharing with a new Chrome extension named after an author Brian Tracy.


Brian Tracy is a Canadian-American motivational public speaker and self-development author.

He is the author of over seventy books that have been translated into dozens of languages. His popular books are:

Earn What You’re Really Worth

Eat That Frog! and lastly

The Psychology of Achievement and many more.

The developer Akpeghughu Andrew Mamus named the extension after Brian Tracy after implementing Eat That Frog! Principles and they work out for him so he took the one that worked most for him and converted into a chrome extension.

What Brian Tracy Extension does for your?

It is a Google Chrome extension that will help you set a single goal with deadline.

Many people set goals but the problem is they are always trying to achieve hundred goals at a time and  that is the reason they never achieved their goals the previous years.

America was able get to the moon because they had a single goal.

This extension will help you to Also many do not include a deadline into their goal that make them never to achieve it because there is no urgency in it.

• Set a single goal (that makes you to focus all your energy on one single goal)

• New Brian Tracy inspirational quote daily (You may feel tired in pursuing your goal but the motivation will keep you going)

• Override every new tab and turn it to an achiever tab

• See the weather and forecast

• Affirmation

• Feel good and get things done!

Now that you’ve known the main season why most goal setters often fail to achieve their goals, take a bold step to install What Brian Tracy Extension on your Google Chrome Browser today.

To Download this What Brian Tracy Extension, Quickly click on the link below



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