How Manchester United Made Me Loose N20,000 In One Day

NairaBet And MerryBet Has Really Do Me Shege!!!

I’d just finished my ND back then, I check accant, I still had some #34k.

Man-U which used to be my most admired team was going to be on the pitch with Swansea City that Saturday and so I decided to place a bet in order to be able to make some cash for the week.

I go check Nairabet website, I logged on, the odds were great but since I wasn’t so sure of Man-U as they’d lost most of their previous games, I decided to play 1x (Don’t ask me what this means, you know it already) for The reds.

You like know my My stake abi?

Well, I mumulishly used my 20k for the ticket oo. The odd was 1.2, so was hoping that when man-u wins, I’ll have 8k for beer and other things.

Na so I siddon dey watch my TV. Man-U fez score, I was happy and dancing. At least 8k is someone’s salary na. A few minutes Swansea City equalized. My heartbeat increased. Omo 20k isnor a small money ooo.

Just 9 minutes to go, Swansea City topped another goal.

Nna, my vision went blank oo. I couldn’t even see the TV screen. The malt I was sipping sef began to taste like a soured Palmwine (maybe Alomo was sweeter sef) and the dry meat I was chewing became like stone in my mouth. One kind headache just struck me and so I decided to sleep.

In my dream? I was laughing, I’d won the game but the difference us that the odd my village pipo showed me in the dream was 23. This means since I’d won, my final Win would be (20,000 x 23 = N460,000)

In my dream I was so happy eh? So if nor be small thing, I for win #500,000. I began to visualize how I would walk into one of those super boutiques in Warrior and buy Shoes, Shirts and Jeans. In my mind I be #Hushpuppi.

Just when I was going to the shop to cash my win, my small sister now came and tap me.

“Bros wake up, I don dish your Eba and Ogbolo soup for dining table”

Omo, I felt like pressing her neck. She wouldn’t even allow me enjoy my win in the land of dreams

This life is not my own my dear.

If only I had sense shey I for kuku keep my 20k for the accant and forget about Man-U.

Well, I don get sense now sha.

If Man-U like make they win the whole season trophy
I nor play again.

©MrPinner 2017



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