I Get Pissed When A Guy Calls A Girl Dirty

I’m really not set for all the pranks of the new year, I really never wanted to write this but while I was trying to put myself together and say a few words of prayer to my Chi, this boy just came and blew it all.

How would he describe someone’s daughter as dirty?

OK, let’s assume you’re a clean guy, let’s assume you’ve known her too. No, you dated her self.

At one point in time, despite knowing she’s a dirty girl, you once pulled her to your self and lift her off the floor, off her feet’s after kissing the same lips she’d used to drool a night before.

You lifted her, kissing her and exchanging oral fluids only God knows how clean those were at that time.

You gently laid her on the bed, kissed her neck, her forehead, her hair, you even caught a strand of hair after kissing her hair. The same hair she’s not washed for 3 weeks.

Then you proceeded to unzip her bump shot, slid your fingers between her thighs in attempt to excite her, you fingered her but still stuck the same fingers into your mouth, you licked this finger and after that, you placed your tongue on her clitoris, you licked whatever juice you could find there.

Need I remind you that the vagina is highly mucous as a result of bacterial activities?

You gave her oral sex, at a point you even added your own saliva and continued licking till you got tired and then placed your hard black preek to do the do.

Now you’re passing my door, you’re screaming “she’s a dirty girl upandan and your brainless friends are hailing you”

I warned you to have sense and take sense along as we enter 2018 oo

Get sense or I’ll ban you from this compound. I’ll also ban you from going near every woman and having sex as well because no matter what you do or say, we’re all dirty at a point in our life.

That makes us all dirty, sex alone proves that most of us are happier when we”re deep in dirty acts.

Yes, sex is dirty, if you’ve had sex with someone you tag “Dirty”, then you’re the dirtiest of all dirties.

I won’t say this again

This is 2018, its not a year for the senseless, its not a year for pots calling kettle black so be warned.

I don talk my own sha

©MrPinner 2018



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