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The Real Place Called Streets

The Streets The spot where I had my first injury… Was really so happy that day, I’d finally been admitted after several years of hawking groundnut, after so many years of sleeping in the uncompleted buildings, after so many years of loneliness, I’ll finally be able to relate with my peers, I’ll be able to

Very Important Lessons From My Visit To Babcock University

Its exactly 4 years ago when I went to visit my friend in Babcock University. I Was actually there to teach him some stuff since he’d been asking me to come for some months. I simply couldn’t go as he’d wanted because I had a lot on my hand. Had no transport too. So I

Sponsored Post: Chronicles of Valentine VI

The smile in the eyes of her Mum, as she explained her whole confusion to her. Shade didn’t understand why her mum was smiling, here she was emotionally down and confused more than any Rihanna could be. In these last weeks, she had been put through too many torture emotionally and her mind had been

How To Be Extraordinary In Everything You Do

When I was growing up, the first quote I grew to know goes thus “Great men are ordinary men with extraordinary achievements”. It was written on the wall of our classroom, I did not know who wrote it, not even the author, but I loved it. Later on I began to analyze the quote, the

Sex Education Before It Is Too Late

Tina was finally in secondary school, she prefers to spend her 10 hours In school rather than being home to watch cartoon and Church channels on TV, she’s not allowed to play with her mates at home and since this was not the case in school, she found people she could trust and bond with.

Always Look Before You Leap And Look Before You Jump Too

From This Post, You’re going to learn the Reason why it is always good to look before you jump… So John went out to hangout with friends and on this evening, he decided to enjoy himself in one of his regular spots, on this spot, he met Amanda (Names Altered to conceal identity). Amanda was

Please My Sister, Do Not Be A Gold Digger

Many of you out there expect to have a perfect home or what I’ll call a ready-made happiness somewhere. But one thing you’ve failed to understand is that nothing good comes without the sweat of a man. “My husband will have cars, big house and all the chores will be taken care of by the

I Never Knew Nigerian Recession Affected Big Butts Too

Sometimes I Wonder if these girls have conscience at all. So you be fine girl, you walk the streets with a big, sorry a very huge butt, you also have big bress. And your hair looks good too. I wonder how you managed to know I love those things you’re carrying about and so I

S€x: The Most Effective Way To Make Love To A Woman

Most Of You Always looking for how to make love to a woman will be glad to read this post cos i am sure it will bring a lasting sexual satisfaction to your lady. The truth is that Every woman loves the tingling, body-shuddering, goose pimples-eliciting, other worldly sensation that courses through the body as

Fiction: The Most Memorable Way To Celebrate Valentine

So the night came, she’d come from afar, we had fun like crazy, she’s a fine girl, I be fine boy too. Obudu was a Wonderful place to behold. The green landscape alone is alone to make a man cum, the food nko? so breathtaking. To the dance hall, we danced and I actually had