At the news I was utterly condemned by my very own. “Rejected, Unaccepted” to them I’m a disappointment and so they curse and moan on their own anger and hate for my existence.

And now I ask myself.

If the world condemn you, will you stand up tall and condemn your own self too?

If you’re answering “No” to the question above, then you’re on the same page with me.

Sometimes you need just the one thing you and you alone van give your self. Yes, Self Acceptance is Bae.

After all, you’re only responsible for your choices cos after all na who wear shoe know where e dey pain am abi?

Don’t give up cos they gave up on you.

When they tag you condemned, recycle yourself and bring forth something interesting.

Bro, sis, when they see the new man/woman you’ve become, goosebumps swell on their skin.

When they realise you could make it without them, they get frustrated and that’s where I love most.

Let then die for their anger and condemning you.

Just push on, kick on and hold on.

If they reject you, its probably because you’ve got to place yourself in the right platform and BLOW.

Don’t worry, when you blow the sparks will blind them.

Don’t give Up

Don’t stay condemned

Live, soar, aim, achieve even when they say you can’t.

Its morning people, go bring your blessing closer to you by going out alright?


©MrPinner 2017



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