Chronicles Of A One Night Stand 2

It was in an orientation camp like this that Richard met a very pretty girl. He really wasn’t ready for anything and never had his kind for anything but things happened anyways.

Just 4 says in the camp, his feelings for Aisha Grew so strong, Aisha hailed from Jigawa, she loved Richard too but you see, they met in an orientation camp located in a Sharia state and so there was nothing they could do.
Aisha was a wild Muslim babe, Richard is a Theist, their love kept growing till the last day.
Yes, they arranged to meet in a particular point once they stepped out of camp and a hotel in Kano it was.
Honestly they booked a hotel room and spent the night together.
Richard used the stairs and advanced towards room 312 and just there, Aisha was right at the door, she quickly turned the door knob to grant Richard access to the room and there….
They kissed, they wanted something more then the warmth emanating from their bodies. Yes, they needed to explore.
They made love, they fucked so hard, their moaning thundered through the walls, even those in other rooms had to listen to be sure of the source of the noise.
It was just a one night stand and they really had a good time. Yes, while on his way, Richard could not get his mind off her BJ skills, Her slender waist and curvy boobs.
The taste of her wetness kept pushing his zippers up but he quickly placed his backpack on his laps to conceal whatever could erupt from his pants.
A few months passed, they kept talking and planned their future meeting but then Richard Fell ill and went for a medical check up.
The medical report showed he’s HIV positive. Aisha was the only woman he could remember but then even before his Encounter with Aisha, he had a quickie with Anita.
Richard was depressed, he didn’t want his parents to get to know about this and so he bought a very strong rope and used it on his own neck and that was it.
And then you’ll only realize this is just another episode of “Chronicles Of A One Night Stand” and this is the 2nd Part of it
Hope you found it a little interesting?
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