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This is going to be a sermon from Christian Life Academy and I hope you enjoy it Because Right now in church halls, synagogues and all other religious structures, I know someone is standing on the alter, stretching forth his right hand.

Aside from stretching his hand, he asks men, women and children to come forth and touch his or her hand  for a divine blessing, a blessing to cross over.

Also, i know somewhere, you’re asked to dance to the GLORY OF GOD.
Someone is also asking for a SEED OF CROSSOVER as well as urging worshippers to PRESENT THEIR FIRST FRUIT come January and deep down somewhere.
Someone thinks he’s worshiping the most high God by doing such.
Without being a student of Christian Life Academy, you and I can really understand Christian life better if we want to.
I see Christianity in a different dimension, I also see glorification of the most high in a different dimension.
As a Christian, do no limit your Christianity Sundays as well as display your meekness and gentility only when you’re in that attire, in the presence of your pastor, priest or reverend.
Christianity and glorification of the most high GOD is more of your relationship with your fellow men than with your church, going to church, being in the pastor’s great book of goodness.
Yes, there us more than meets the eyes as far as Christianity is concerned.
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Questions You Must Ask Yourself As A Christian

How many people you meet on a daily basis are willing to say “God bless you” for an act of kindness from you?
How many of your fellow church members can speak good of you even when you’re not there?
How good is your relationship with your fellow humans?
How deep is your Christian life away from the presence of the pastor, away from the church, when you’re alone with no one from your church watching and monitoring you?
How deep is your love for your fellow humans (forget our religious difference).
When you see Abubakar, Turaki and Adebayor, Sharma and Rastov, do you instantly begin to see an enemy or a fellow human deserving nothing but love?
How good are you with honesty?
Will you lie to your fellow church members when they come to buy goods from your shop?
Are you selling something worth N200 to them at N320 since they believe you’ll always give then the best price?
Now when you’ve gradually answered this questions, when you’ve thought about these carefully, then you’ll have a better definition of your Christian life.
Its not about how many hands of powerful men of God you’ve touched, its not about your seed, its not about your faith.
Jesus once pushed a man into a pool to have a bath.
The man wasn’t even a christian .
He was healed and made whole so do not feel its by going to church or drinking anointing oil and holy water.
You’re personal life with your fellow humans matters.
When you gladden the heart of men with your good deeds, kind gestures, love and honesty, humans rejoice and so does the man above.
Now when humans are happy, heavens are happy too and that’s when the long life, prosperity and the peace if the lord would rest upon you.
In all my friends I wish you a very happy and prosperous new year.
May he bless you and usher you and I into the new year and several decades to come.
This is the definition of christian life my friends, you need no Degree from Christian Life Academy to understand it
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