My Candle: A Stick Of Wisdom For Everything In Life

My Candle: A stick Of Wisdom for Everything In Life

So I picked up my stick of candle, I was about to read for the next paper. Come tomorrow, I will be sitting for one of the most difficult examination of all.

Matrix and Energy Methods Is certainly one of the subjects you don’t want to play with as far as Civil Engineering is concerned.

So I took my candle to the stand and lit it. I practically tried to make it stand on a tin of milk in order to prevent it from burning further in case I fell asleep.

So i placed it on the tin, but the poor thing refused to stand and give me the brightness I need to read my books.

All my efforts to quickly make it stand failed, but the candle kept burning anyways.

The more I tried to make it stand, the more it burns and the more time I lost.

For a couple of minutes, I kept doing this and then it suddenly dawned on me that I haven’t been paying enough attention to the candle.

So I bent down, gently placed the candle on the tin, this time I lit a match stick and placed the flame under the candle to make a little liquid wax which would coagulate to form the bass on which the candle stands.

Patiently I waited till the candle was properly stabled in the tin and then I left it and turned to my books.

Now Let’s Take This To Our Relationship.

Do you know that the reason why you’ve not been having a stable relationship could be no other but the level of attention you pay to your love life?

Like the candle, you always want it to be automatic, you expect him/her to know everything but you fail to realize the fact that there is need to allow time make things happen.

What About In Business?

You want the business to stand, you want it to flourish, you need the light or brightness on your business, but have you tried to stand the candle?

What time do you give to your business? Do you just turn around and go about your other chores without seeking out time to see how the business goes?

What About Your Family Life?

I have given them money for food, I’ve paid their fees, I’ve given my wife enough money for the month, they should all be happy, everything should be fine.

But you forget there is a need for bonding. You need to see how they do their things, chip in some points when they overstep or under step and ensure you’re God-given wisdom plays the bigger part in the affairs of your family.

Truth is, I’m not even sure you’ll comment on this post, but I am sure it will touch someone somehow.

You can’t just expect things to work out the way you envision they will.

You just need to make them happen, you have to lay the foundation for that happy relationship, that prosperous business, and the happy home you want to build.

You need to sweat it out. Make the right decision today, make the candle stand in your life, family life, business life by making a better platform for this to happen.

Lay a solid foundation so that when the good things come, they’ll have a place to place their feet and stand the test of time.

I hope you found this long but interesting?

Have a pleasant night rest my people.

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