How I Got Relocated From Borno State NYSC Orientation Camp

If you’re posted to Borno State Do not be afraid.

Honestly when I saw my call up letter, I was scared to death. Instantly a certain  kind of sweat flooded my body even though I was seating directly under a ceiling fan.
It was around 2am on the 17th of November 2017 and I wasn’t even expecting such a heavy blow from NYSC.
Immediately, I whatsapped my elder Sister. I sent her the call up letter and reading through, she became worried, she called and began to cry.
“Is it not that place they use to throw bombs upanda?” She asked
“Yes oo” – I replied with my heartbeats reaching over 120 beats per second.
I further explained to my sist that my orientation camp was going to be in Civil Defense college located in Babba Ruga, Katsina State.
Quickly I went to google and began to make research in how best to get my ass back to a safer state and the search results came up.
Among the reasons I saw were;
Marriage and
The 3rd reason gladdened my heart and so I became stronger even though the outcome was only but a mystery.
Got my stuffs ready and got to camp on the 20th of November.
Getting to camp, I wanted to be in the 1st room, but my instinct asked me to move and I never hesitated.
Got to room BC2 and there I met Turaki Ezekiel Zakari, Osas, Bollu, Ponsak and After a while, Emeka came along.
I also met several others that really made my stay worthwhile.
21st was the day for registration. I was in platoon 4, Bollus was in platoon 1, Osas was in platoon 3, And Ezekiel was in 5. We’d actually wanted to be in the same platoon but so long as we’re on the same room, we felt safe.
Now the truth is camp was a nice experience.
I discovered a different thing about the north while in camp.
As the platoon secretary, I met a good number of people including Mr Baku who happened to be my platoon officer. He’s one honest man I’ll definitely love to meet again.
I met Iya No Gold (She’s a soldier, with the name Latifat) she became my handler and saw me through drills. She made me understood most things about the parade.
I also met Officer D. Dennis. He was the head of trainee for my platoon while Ma’am Latifat was his assistant.
They both made my stay worthwhile as far as parade and drills are concerned.
Now here is the thing.
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If you’re a prospective corp member and currently posted to Borno state but also saw Civil Defence College, Katsina State as four place of Orientation, don’t fret.
You’ll have the best time there. Katsina is a good place and as far as I’m concerned. The camp is safe and friendly as well.
I had a crush on camp. She’s a soldier, Ma’am Chizoba. The pretty one. Her smile alone made me want to parade more.
If you’re Posted to Borno state, just relax till its time to fill relocation form.
What to do when filling your relocation form In Borno State Orientation Camp
While filling the relocation form,
Do not put the state where you schooled.
Do not put the state you’re from.
If you have a medical report showing you’re not fit, attach it.
Write a letter, just 2 lines or 4 and stop there. Don’t flood the shit with irrelevant details else you make a mistake.
Do not go looking for who to pay for this because NYSC stated it that once you’re posted to Borno state, your redeployment is automatic.
I did the above and as we talk, I’m serving in one of the south southern states of Nigeria.
Note: While filling the Relocation form, you may be asked not to request for states like:
This is because these states are usually flooded or over congested. But you can also do that on your discretion. Some of my friends actually requested for Lagos and got it.
Just pray to your maker, pick your bags and go. You’ll surely come back to any state of your choice.
Don’t forget to also drop off every thing that made you rough in your street before you enter the camp because its a regimented camp. Be of good behaviour and I promise you’ll go and come back in one peace.
May heavens be with you fellows…
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