The Best Legacy For My Little Children

To My Beautiful Kids

stretch forward your hand…
Now spread your fingers and look closely..

Are they of the same length?

I guess not..

Now get this…

Just as your fingers are not of the same length, so are your abilities.

That your elder sister can lift a mortar does not mean you can and that you can sing bass in the choir does not mean she can.

Listen my children

Whatever you’ve found love in, learn to treasure, whatever your heart bleeds for, keep close and never let go.

Always chase your dreams like its no man’s business and keep pressing hard regardless of what they say.

A lot if people, even your own very friends will come up and spill shit on your little efforts, they will tell you to quit, others will belittle the little progress you’ve made, some will make you look little. But always have your fixed on the prize.

You may have little fingers today my children, but remember they will become very big someday.

Always remember your humble beginnings and never bite the fingers that fed you.

The going will get tough, storms will hit you, but always remember to anchor your boat and ship on the strongest of all places and this is only your Chi.

I know I’ve not been the best father you know, but I want you to aspire to become more than the little I’ve been.

You’re good kids and each time I look at your bright faces, I just know your future will be brighter than the skies.

Friends will come but don’t forget you have the power to chose who stays.

Always keep on the little good you can offer to humanity and always be true to your fellow man.

This is but the best legacy I can leave you…
I’m very close to my very end, I will only look down and smile when you’ve put all these to action.

May The gods of our land bless you in Eke, Orie, Nkwo and Eke. May your very sweat never brings you tears.

Good night my beautiful children.
May your Chi always rest upon you.

©MrPinner 2017



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