The Most Beautiful Way To Spend Your Saturday With Your Lover

Saturdays are good days for bonding if you know how

When last did you go on jogging with your Bae? What about your wife?

When was the last time you took her to the gym and ensure she’s well exhausted before taking her home?

Do you know that your bond will grow when you go to the gym together or play some tennis or football?

No, its not childish, your neighbors are practically jealous, that’s why they tag it “Childish”, its a nice thing to do during the weekend.

You can do this even before the normal chores since jogging is always better when done from 5:55 AM till about 6:45.

You’ll come home sweating, you’ll eat well, you’ll burn some fat, you’ll give off unused energy and create some void for fresher ones.

Relax, you don’t need to be scared, you’ll have the best time of all.

You Lady may be a bit reluctant because she may have never tried it before. You can promise a gift as bribe in order to make her accept it.

Give her the gift, She’ll call for more next weekend…

Just jog, jug, hop and shake that calories off your body. play football but don’t play like assnal oo. Play football but don’t play like Wenger. Just keep playing.

Tennis is there, go to one of those matured game centers around the city and register. You can even do it this evening.

You can thank me later

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