Author: Nwachukwu Richard

NYSC Deployment 2018

What Is NYSC? NYSC is an acronym for National Youth Service Corp. It is a program by the federal government of Nigeria to involve fresh graduates in the development process of the country When Can I Go For NYSC? You can go for NYSC only if you’re a Nigerian graduate. A Nigerian who graduated from


At the news I was utterly condemned by my very own. “Rejected, Unaccepted” to them I’m a disappointment and so they curse and moan on their own anger and hate for my existence. And now I ask myself. If the world condemn you, will you stand up tall and condemn your own self too? If

One Night Stand

One night stands are very powerful, it is capable of building something as well as destroying something. If it built something for you, you’re safe but if it destroyed something for you and you’re now wondering what to do. If you ask me na who I go ask? When a one night stand happens between

Being At The Wrong Spot

On his way back to school to complete his clearance, he saw his mom coming from the farm, she had a bunch of plantain on her head and her matched on the right hand. His younger sister Nene also had a basket full of palm nuts. They were returning from the farm. “Oh my son,