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NYSC Redeployment: All You Need to Know

My name is Nwachukwu Richard, a Nigerian currently undergoing his national youth service and on this blog today i would like to share my redeployment experience as i know it could help you somehow. Now You need To Understand a few things about NYSC redeployment. Redeploying has become one major topic on the lip of

What Really Is the Pathway To Success

What Really Is the Pathway To Success? I’ve really had a series of thoughts about this life and the word “Prosperity” and after these thoughts, I have come to a conclusion that there is no known Path to prosperity or what you’ll call “Success”. Take a look at the records, the most successful people alive

8 Group Of People You’ll Meet In NYSC Camp

An NYSC Camp is a reserved place where Nigerians who graduated at the age of 40 or below are gathered for a 21 day orientation course. It is in an orientation camp that Nigerian youths from different cultural backgrounds, ethnic group are gathered and trained before they’re finally sent to their Place of primary assignment

Chronicles Of A One Night Stand 2

It was in an orientation camp like this that Richard met a very pretty girl. He really wasn’t ready for anything and never had his kind for anything but things happened anyways. Just 4 says in the camp, his feelings for Aisha Grew so strong, Aisha hailed from Jigawa, she loved Richard too but you

How To Generate Targeted Leads For Your Business

For a business, the advantage officers hiring the best hands for the right job can never be over emphasized. Yes, it feels to right knowing there are good hands at the office, hands that would always be ready to do whatever it is you want and as at when necessary even without grumbling. For businesses,

NYSC Deployment 2018

What Is NYSC? NYSC is an acronym for National Youth Service Corp. It is a program by the federal government of Nigeria to involve fresh graduates in the development process of the country When Can I Go For NYSC? You can go for NYSC only if you’re a Nigerian graduate. A Nigerian who graduated from

Short Story: Chisom’s NYSC Deployment Letter

As we walked home, her mum was overjoyed, she was proud of her daughter. Even though people never believed she actually attended lectures or even had a result to show for all her mother’s struggles. But then the mum learnt of her state of NYSC deployment and gradually the smiles, merry and happiness all flew.


At the news I was utterly condemned by my very own. “Rejected, Unaccepted” to them I’m a disappointment and so they curse and moan on their own anger and hate for my existence. And now I ask myself. If the world condemn you, will you stand up tall and condemn your own self too? If

9 Factors You Must Consider Before Having A Baby

Birthing a child isn’t a problem to anyone. Where the problem comes is when you birth a child without considering any of these 9 factors. 1. Emotional preparedness: Before deciding to impregnate a lady or having sex without protection, ask yourself if you’re emotionally prepared to care for a child. If your answer is “No”,

5 Possible Reasons Why Women Lose Her Interest For Sex

There are many reasons why a woman doesn’t like sex. When a woman says she doesn’t like sex, many men are quick to think that they are the problem. They think that the woman doesn’t like his sex game or that she is having sex with someone else. When she says she doesn’t like sex.