Always Forgive Your Partner Before Its Too Late

forgiveness in a relationship

She messed up, she flopped and she killed your joy last night. It was one of the happiest day of her life but she seem to have over done it and there is no way you’ll ever wanna forgive her…

Baby I’m sorry…
She said remorsefully.

But you’re too big to accept and move on right?

Slept sideways anyways, but it was as if she’s never there. Forgiveness is one thing you can’t even think of this night.

In fact let the heavens fall…

Just exactly 8:30 Am, she headed home and expected you to drop her off as usual, but her action last night is still very fresh and you seriously don’t feel like talking to her or dropping her as you used to.

Just 34 minutes after she’d left the house the weather changed, it became a little cold and you felt a kind of weakness withing your body.

What happening to me!

Then came a call…
Is that Mr Bagby?

Yes, speak up please!

We’ve got an accident victim along Upper Iweka road Onitsha, she said we could call you…

Name please?
He questioned…
Cathlyne Iwuji….

Oh my God!

You’re so scared and frightened, suddenly it dawned on you that if only you’d forgiven and accepted to drop her off earlier, she’d still be breathing.

A sudden cold runs through your spine as you step off your car, blood everywhere, spectators with their arms resting on their chests, some carrying their hands on their head…

Oh such a fine lady, another woman wailed….
Oh my, such a beauty…

Lifeless and calm, beautiful as always as she’s gently lifted by a team of road safety officers, gently dropped on the ambulance…!

You stretched your hands, but she couldn’t tag on,
Called out her name, but she wouldn’t respond,

Suddenly you remember her remorseful face as she pleaded for your forgiveness, tears ruining down your eyes…

If only you knew it was your last night together, if only you’d forgiven her, if only you’d dropped her off.

Lessons From Forgiveness

Always be quick to forgive your partner because you may never know when you may be saving his/her life

If only you’d known she would end this way…!

And that’s the feeling when you refuse to forgive and danger strikes.

Don’t forget….
You may never know when a fellow man needs your forgiveness the most.

Always be ready to forgive.

©MrPinner 2016




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