9 Factors You Must Consider Before Having A Baby

Birthing a child isn’t a problem to anyone. The problem usually comes is when you birth a child without considering any of the major things that needs to be considered and for this alone, i have decided to write on 9 factors you must consider before having a child.

 There are 9 factors that must be considered before having a cgild. These are listed below:
1. Emotional preparedness:
Before deciding to impregnate a lady or having sex without protection, ask yourself if you’re emotionally prepared to care for a child. If your answer is “No”, Please buy condom so as to prevent your spermatozoa from fertilizing an innocent egg.
Same goes to you girls.
2. Financial Preparedness:
Each time I see a child in the street while his mates are in their classrooms learning, I remember my younger years and it leaves me angry.
If you’re ready to birth a child, make sure you have almost what it takes to cater for him or her. Do not expose him or her to the harsh society. A society with no chill.
This means you should have a good source of income Could be a job, business or anything you know that would bring you a good source of income to help you cater for the child and the mum and yourself.
I see no reason why a 12 year old girl should be meant to hawk in the streets before she can have her breakfast or go to school.
I did this at my tender years and I can tell you its no fun.
3. Environment:
Well, I’m not asking you to be in America or England before you can father or mother a child, you can watch the birds and their nest in order to fully understand what I’m saying.
A child should enjoy some comfort na. There is nothing wrong if he has her own room or a space enough for her to breathe while growing up.
4. Your Presence matters:
A child grows to know her parents, this means the presence of his or her parents are of utmost importance as it plays a very important role in his or her development.
Its not enough to birth a child and dump him or her somewhere because you feel your parents, friends are there to look after the baby because you’re busy. No.
The baby needs you both. I know there are nursery homes where you can drop your baby before going to work, this is true but also ensure you make out time to go see this baby and know what he or she gets from the hands of the caregivers.
5. Your lifestyle:
If this is going to be your first baby, then I’m sorry you really need to sit back and talk go yourself.
Why? Because the moment you become a mum, everything about your lifestyle changes. Whatever decision you’ll make must have a part of it that’ll consider your baby.
With this, it therefore means that if you’re the type that loves to groove, party, club and travel, you may want to take a pause before having that baby.
If you do, you may never become happy afterwards since your lifestyle will be affected by the presence of the baby.
Don’t forget you’ll also breastfeed the baby, clothe him and all other things, which you may not have time for if you’re not prepared for it.
So now you have known the 5th of the 9 factors you must consider before having a child
6. Who is there to support you?
Well, even if you’re such a good and industrious lady, you’re surely going to need the help of someone when a baby comes in.
This support does not really have to be your partner only. OK, what if you’re supposed to go for a date with your partner as a new mom. Would you lock the baby in the house and walk out with your honey pye? Mbanu.
You’ll need someone to watch over baby while you and your baby boo goes on a date.
Aside from dates, what if you work somewhere in Lagos state where traffic congestions is always a part of your daily life? A time when you have to leave home by 5am and return around 8 at night. Who cares for the kid during this time? See? You need support. So if the support won’t be there, forget it. Wait till you have it.
7. What’s your Age:
Before now, our parents had babies even while they’re 40 years old. But today, most ladies stop giving birth when they clock 30 or 35 year old.
Do you know why?
Its simple. Older moms have a lot of health risks and so you may want to have a very deep talk with your doctor before fertilizing that innocent egg.
If your health is one that would affect your own life or leave the infant defenceless afterwards, then its a NO.
8. Your Career.
I know a lot of women who still find it hard to balance their time in terms of having a job and a baby at the same time.
While some claim its nothing, others find it hard to concentrate or at least pay much more attention yo the most important one.
Therefore, plan a baby if your colleagues or team mates can work as usual or manage the business well while you’re away for antenatal leave.
But if you want to chase your career goals with your full time, then delay that baby. You don’t want to end up regretting any of them at the end of the day.
9. What about your other kids?
You have 2 kids already, but you want to add JUST ONE MORE KID? are you sure you can handle 4 infants on pampers? Do you even have enough to spread among these babies?
Is the space in tour house enough not to make them choke or do you want them to be lapping each other while sleeping?
Well, if you have less than enough to care for the ones you already have, then I see no reason why you’ll want to add one more.
Yes, while there are other important factors to consider before having a baby, I think its good to look at these and base your plan on these 9 factors in order to be sure of what you’re doing.
So here are the 9 factors you must consider before having a child and i hope you understood it. Please feel free to recommend this to friends as i know it could be of help some how
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