3 Unanswered Questions About Nigerian Police Officers

The Nigerian Police Force is one of the most porous force in the world. From my experience, the Police men you see along the way are so ready to sell their dignity, to betray their oath to serve and protect the life and property of the citizens at the very sight of a N100 Bill.

If You increase it to N500, You own them, at this time you can even slap them right in front of their sons and they will Salute you for it.

You can Transfer contrabands, Narcotics, Arms and whatever you carry so long as you’re ready to spend.

They give no fuck about the safety of the people they swore an oath to protect.

Now i am left with These Unanswered Questions About The Nigerian Police Officers:

1. Are there no provision by the FG to ensure these policemen are paid duly?

2. Does it mean their salaries aren’t enough to serve their needs for the entire month?

3. Does it mean the good police officers aren’t aware that these KORONFO that jump around town and mount illegal road blocks anyhow around the states will tarnish the image of the Nigerian Police Force?

Make Una Think Am!

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