How To Set And Achieve Goals In 2018

How to set goals and achieve goals 2018 using What Brian Tracy Extension. “I welcome you all to the year 2018 a year filled with great success, financial freedom, improved relationships, prosperity” I guess these are the words you heard at the cross over night. Many people told you this: “Happy New Year”. Some is “I

Short Story: Akpors Never Went For His Degrees

When I was sitting for my First Jamb in 2008, I had a friend, a very stubborn warri Boy. Before 2008, Akpors never liked school, he never liked to be in class as he’ll be out somewhere playing football. Most times, he would end up bullied by all and sundry for his nonchalant attitude towards

What I Learnt From NYSC Orientation Camp

I was supposed to get to NYSC Orientation Camp on the 21st of November but as a very petty person wen I be, I enter road on Sunday and finally got to Babba Ruga, Katsina State on the 20th around 4pm. I got to the camp and picked a mattress. Headed to the room. Got

What Is Drop Shipping – Answers

What is Drop Shipping? Here today i am going to give you a good number of the word “Drop Shipping”. So if your recent questions has been “What is drop shipping”, then you’re right here to get a list of different definitions. 5 Definitions Of Drop Shipping 1. Drop shipping is a kind of business

It Is Not Easy Being A Single Lady Or Guy

You see this life ? Whatever it dishes to a single lady, a single guy suffers more. This is a post about the problems of being a single guy/lady Yes, as a single lady, you go through a lot of pain and anxiety especially in times when you begin to reminisce on your previous encounters.

I Get Pissed When A Guy Calls A Girl Dirty

I’m really not set for all the pranks of the new year, I really never wanted to write this but while I was trying to put myself together and say a few words of prayer to my Chi, this boy just came and blew it all. How would he describe someone’s daughter as dirty? OK,

Christian Life Academy: Christianity Explained

This is going to be a sermon from Christian Life Academy and I hope you enjoy it Because Right now in church halls, synagogues and all other religious structures, I know someone is standing on the alter, stretching forth his right hand. Aside from stretching his hand, he asks men, women and children to come

Vaginal Dryness,Cure And Treatment

As soon as a woman hits menopause, production of estrogen slows down and even eventually stops after a while. At this stage of a woman’s life, a lot of changes begin to occur . Well, on this Post you would learn about Vaginal Dryness, its Cure and Treatment for Older women. Among these changes are

How To Make Money From Drop Shipping Business

Building a business is not only a very technical something, it is one aspect of life that’s got a lot of hassles like the development as well as production of products, tracking an inventory, warehousing, maintenance of shipping and receiving of products and all that and for this reason, it is best you find other

How I Got Relocated From Borno State NYSC Orientation Camp

If you’re posted to Borno State Do not be afraid. Honestly when I saw my call up letter, I was scared to death. Instantly a certain  kind of sweat flooded my body even though I was seating directly under a ceiling fan. It was around 2am on the 17th of November 2017 and I wasn’t