The Adventures Of 2 Virgins…!

As a brother and sister in the LAWD, Richard and Emerald happened to fall in love. They attended the same church, schooled in the same institution, but one thing was certain. They kept to the call of “REMAIN PURE TILL YOU’RE IN THAT SPECIAL HOUSE, WITH THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE UNDER THAT RIGHT ROOF”. and so

How To Buy Travelling Ticket Online In Nigeria

If you’re a Nigerian, a traveller or tourist currently living in Nigeria but would want to buy your travelling ticket without going to the park, then this post is for you. As it is now, you can buy your travel tickets right from the comfort of your home. This simply means you need not fuss

Short Story: The Global Consequences Of War

While a 32 year single mum strolled the streets of Soweto with her 4 year old handsome boy, a military jeep pulled over. It was a vehicle carrying 4 soldiers on patrol. They were charged to ensure the peace in the area remain even though the war has ended. “Get into the car” they ordered

How To Start Your Own Blog For Free And Get Traffic

The Benefits of engagement in activity application Blogs for Marketing First, if you don’t comprehend what a engagement in activity application blog is, this business, “What Is job Blogging? [FAQs]” should gain you up-to-date. On the much the comparable page? Cool. Let’s burn up the road to for that cause you should manage blogging as

How To Create A Micro Niche Blog

For sometime now, i began to see most young people thinking and searching for ways to make legitimate income from home and in order to make their search easy and put them in the right direction, i have decided to make a list of the possible ways through which you can make a legitimate income

Website Traffic 101: Tips To Help You Buy The Most Efficient Website Traffic

No online business can be successful without adequate traffic to the website. Those who purchase traffic for their website should ensure that actual sales take place. Unless there is profitable selling no one can run the online business successfully. If there is no business in spite of tens of thousands of visitors, the traffic is

Reasons Why You Must Not Condemn Nicki Minaj’s Collabo With Tasha Cobbs 2

Praise the lord umunne’m na Kristi. . “I will have mercy on WHOM I will have mercy. ” ~Romans 9:15 . It obvious that a lot of you have chosen not to understand English. I’m tayad o. Oya last explanation. . Listen and be breast. . Youre are telling me that Nicki is an unrepentant

Several Reasons Why You Must Not Criticize Tasha Cobbs Over Nicki Collaboration

” If you lord, should mark iniquity, WHO shall stand?” ~Psalm 130:3 . Praise the Lord people of God. . Bikonu, Jah nu Jehovah anyi!!! . #ClearsThroat. I am Pastor Penocrat Ayomidele kindness Ifechukwudelu Ewomazino Ugonnaya Edidiong Oghenerukevwe Kwase Chukwueluke Osezele Faith. . For those of you thinking my names are plenty, I would soon

Do Not Evade Talks Regarding Your Daughter’s Sexuality

On getting home, Mirabel decided to go to Dad, her role model to know the meaning of a word she’d heard from her friends in school. She was just 8 at that time. On seeing her Dad, she was over joyed as she jumped on him to welcome him from work. Just at that time

Our Nigeria: Our New Flag And Coat Of Arm

It is with a heart full of pain, anger that I’ve made this post, I mean each time I read the news, watch the news media and place my eye on the Coat a of Arm And Flag, I’m left with no choice but regret ever being born into this country. In this country, we’ve