African London Girl By Kolapo

Its yet another heart touching song By Kolapo. Kolapo is a multi-talented Nigerian Navy Official popularly known by his friends as Kola Onifoto who has really used his talents to touch many lives. Just recently, Kolapo did one thing that really caught the attention of many Nigerians. He practically brought hope to a fellow Nigerian


Dear men, today I want us to discuss about PREGNANCY. Do you know that certain things you do when your wife is pregnant actually contributes to state of health of the mother and unborn child? Listen, it bothers me a lot when I see men showing no concern to their pregnant wife or fail to

Understanding Your Ovulation Period And Menstrual Cycle

Today in this blog of mine i would be talking on a very important topic for everyone, especially the ladies and mothers and daughters and so if you happened to stumble upon this, you’re probably one of the lucky persons that would have access to this. This is a topic that would explain “The difference

Short Story: Your Actions As A Christian

It was Sunday, the entire family were geared up for the event. A time when all worshipers from far and wide gathered to celebrate the Christian feast of Tabernacle. From my house, we were doing great, my self, parents and siblings suited up our newly made wears and headed out for the event. I was

Updated: How I Registered My Business Name With CAC

After posting my certificate of business name registration with the Corporate Affairs Commission yesterday, many friends came to my inbox to ask how much it cost and the process involved. Shockingly, many were made to believe and think that registration with CAC cost a fortune like a plot of and in Lekki.. Lol Now read

Ten Ways to Cure yourself of Homophobia dementia

As a Nigerian, I have seen, I know there are a lot of fear in our hearts as we man the streets, as we go about our daily tasks in Nigeria and so I’ve decided to bring this post to you as I believe its surely going to save you these homophobia Dementia. It was

Short Story: Be Careful Of Your Rich Friends

In a church hall with over 1200 worshippers, the pastor or do I say prophet while walking across the congregation stopped around a very young man. This man must be in his late thirties…. To this young man, the pastor asked to stand up… The following conversation ensued between them. Pastor: Where were you 4

Short Story: The Mother Who Lived

Since he decided to follow his friends to the PLACE, he was given some instructions and also given 2 hollandaise Wrapper for his mum in Nigeria. His Ghana visit has been wonderful and would be much more if the string he’s about pulling comes succeeds. “Make sure you use it to cover her while she’s

Tutorial: How To Make Money In Nigeria Through Dropshipping

Do you think you require a stockroom loaded with stock to maintain your own particular eCommerce business? Reconsider! Dropshipping is an incredible approach to kickstart your own special eCommerce business on a financial plan. You can begin maintaining your eCommerce business by sourcing a previous item from a supplier and having them deal with everything

How To Get A Reliable SEO Services For Your Niche Blog

Today on my blog, i would like to expose a 1 million dollar secret to upcoming bloggers and the existing ones also, especially those whose Niche blogs and web pages are yet to appear on google first page as a result of little or no SEO configuration. I am going to introduce you to SEOClerks